Books by Jamie Gandy:

Jamie completed the National Novel Writing Competition for nine consistent years.

2020 Working on third book of series We Are Legend:

In November 2019 Jamie finished her seventh novel. Her new book is titled "WE ARE LEGEND"

The Legend of the Sacred Warriors

Jamie Gandy's book.

In November 2015 Jamie finished her fifth novel. The book is titled "Jamie and the White Dragon".
A waitress named Michelle working at a small town cafe meets a customer named Joel Candy. He tells her the story about a mythical dragon that encounters a princess named Jamie. This book was inspired by a story that was often told to her by her own father.
It is a Christian fable and inspirational for youth.

Jamie wrote "On the Edge of Miracles" in honor and memory of her father,
Craig Gandy. This novel is inspired by her relationship with him.
Nov 2014 - More Information

"Salvation's Crossing" - An Austin Firefighter saves countless life's but is his life worth saving? The ending will grip your soul
Nov. 2013 - HERE for more information.

"Beyond the Field" - Nov. 2012  

  "Beauty From Ashes" - Nov. 2011  




When Jamie was a teenager she helped her mother, Mauri Gandy write 5 short stories for young girls about being God's Princesses. Mauri Gandy created Just 4 Kids Magazine in 1998 which was the first online Christian magazine for children. Since then she has written many books for children.

Forever Series - Books 1-5

Book 1 ~ The 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit.
~ 7 Princesses teach about the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit.
for page from book "God's Princesses"

Book 2 ~ Shine ~ Beauty Tips to shine inside out.

Book 3 ~ Be Dazzling

Book 4 ~ Characteristics of a True Princess

Book 5 ~ Learn to Be a Forever Friend



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Soft Cover $19.99  /  Hard Cover $34.99  /  E Book Download $9.99

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by Mauri Gandy - online stories.


The History of Gandy's

Now Available: Vol I - "Gandys in England" Download $24.99 Print $31.32

Vol II - "Gandys in America" Download $24.99 Print $31.24

Vol III - "Gandys in America Moving Westward and Biographies Download $24.99 Print $31.32

Vol IV = Gandy Descendants Download $24.99 Print $36.97

Vol V - Gandy Documents and Census Download $24.99 Print 31.34

Vol VI - "Gandy Photo Journal" Colored Print Edition $39.98

The Gandy Genealogy volumes 1 thru 6 is available in hardcover or soft cover 8 x 10 size with 600 pages.

The Gandy Genealogy Volumes I - IV is available in soft cover or hard cover 6 x 9 size
dark blue cover with gold lettering, and a colorful book jacket.

We are currently updating our Gandy Genealogy to include more Gandy Biographies.
If you would like to include a Biography of a grandparent or parent please email

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Gandy Books creates personalized books of biographies, family reunions and family history.
We will also research your Gandy lines. Contact us for pricing.

    In our desire to preserve our heritage we Now Offer "Gandy's In America" in 6 books.
    Short Descriptions:
    * "Gandys in America with Descendants" is 496 pages of stories, research, and listings of Gandy descendants

    ** "Gandy Photo Journal" is a treasure book full of stories and colorful pictures of Gandys in America.

    *** "Gandy Documents, State Records and Census from 1790 to 1840" Save yourself time and money by getting this wonderful resource book that makes researching your Gandy line easy. Numerous Gandy genealogist have gathered courthouse records of births, marriages, deaths and many other documents. Records are listed by State, plus stories and interesting facts are included in each State section. Also included is Military Records and the Resources used in Melba Gandy's research of North Carolina Gandys. Census records of Gandys from 1790 to 1840 is listed with notes.

    "Gandy History of England" 110 pages of documents, stories and descendant lines of Gandys from the 1500 in England. Our hope is that this book will help us link our Gandys of America to our forefathers of England.

    **** "Gandy Census from 1790-1840" lists all Gandys found in the United States Census. Same as above without the documents and state records.

    ***** "Gandys in America" is our first volume of the stories and research on Gandys in America without the family tree descendants.

    The 404 pages of Gandy Family History highlights the British Gandy lines of:
    Edward the Immigrant of 1717
    Thomas 1670 NY,
    Uriah 1671 NY
    Edward 1725 NC,
    Brinkley 1744 SC,
    Samuel 1745 MD,
    John 1768 NC,
    Brinkley 1774
    and James D. Gandy 1796 NY,
    It also includes John Gandy born in 1820, and Jonathan Adam Gandy.

      In the 1980s Gandy genealogist joined the "Gandy Gazette Family Association" where researchers shared information and family tree research with one another and published a quarterly newsletter.

      In 1997 the "Gandy Genealogy" website was started where Gandy genealogists shared information and family data was posted online.

      In 2004 the "Gandys In America" online e-book became available.

      And NOW the first Gandy Family Heirloom hard cover genealogy book of Gandys is available. These books share stories and family lines from research on Gandys from the different branches.

      Makes a wonderful Christmas or personal gift to any Gandy descendant!

      New information and links below:
      Captain Thomas Neal Gandy early settler of Thomasville, GA
      Book A. Gandy of South Carolina

      My grandfather's story by Alan Gandy
      Daniel Ross Gandy early settler of Sabine Parish, LA
      Green William Gandy early settler of Polk Co., FL
      Special Story on Pvt. William Calvin Gandy who died during WWII

      Update records on the newly connected lines of Franklyn Dallas Gandy, and Leroy P. Gandy

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      Please contact us if you would like your family line and a bio of a Gandy included in the updated version.

    We continue to offer our "Gandys in America"
    book for immediate download to our Gandy Genealogy Association members.


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    In 1987 I ordered the Gandy family book by Halbert's hoping to discover my husband's family line. The book left me disappointed, because I learned nothing about the Gandys. It listed current Gandys living in America, and a very incomplete list of Gandys found in the U.S. Census from 1790 to 1870. It did have a nice story about America which was also in my Davenport family book by Heritage.

    I wanted to know about the Gandys, and in my quest to learn about my husband's family tree I started collecting data from all lines of Gandys. I started this Gandy Genealogy website in Geocities in 1997. I gathered Gandy facts and family trees from all Gandys. I am a Gandy History fanatic always searching for old items with the name "Gandy" on it. I became the Gandy Historian and Genealogist Expert. Last summer, 2004, I wrote an E-Book on Gandys In America, and started Our books celebrate our Gandy ancestors with stories, facts, biographies and pictures. They are designed to be cherished by all Gandy descendants.

    His SURNAMES: Bateman - Black - Brown - Cannon - Cook - Francis - Gandy - Gardner- Graham - Graves -Griffin - Guthrie - Hardwick - Ligon - McCurry - Middlebrooks - Owens - Simpson - Taylor - Turner - West.

    Her SURNAMES: Arnold - Barrow - Bonar - Coneroy - Davenport - Dickey - Esteb - Fisher - Fouts - Fretz - Guthrie - Harris - Hodges - Kratz - Kuntz - Oberholtzer - McDonnel - Millhouse - Moore - Muehlenshouser- Parton - Ramsey - Ratliff - Roque - Smith - Stanley - Sutton - Tilden - Waymire

    My oldest children's line: Burnell - Carr - Kirkpatrick - Thornton - Walker

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