after having served 8 months 19 days. Again in the year 1777 at Philadelphia State of Pennsylvania in the month of April Declarant thinks about the twelfth day of the month in the year last aforesaid he volunteered his services as a private soldier and was placed under the command of Capt Thomas Forrest his former officer who commanded a company of artillery and declarant was marched from Philadelphia in the direction of Middletown stopping at several places the names of which he has forgotten. Declarant arrived at Middletown about the last of May where he again joined General Washington's Army he states that in June 77 he marched with the army towards the Hudson and that he remained with the army and marched to many places the names affiant has forgotten, recollects of being marched to Brandywine and states that he was engaged in that battle and further says the Americans was defeated and he further says his Major or Col Proctor he now thinks, of the Artillery Pa. troops distinguished himself. Declarant says he fought under the eye of his brave Major or Col. Proctor and Capt. Thomas Forrest at the memorable battle before named in that hard fought battle affiant says he performed the duty of applying the match and discharging the cannon. After the battle Gen. Washington retreated some considerable distance--he has forgotten the distance or name of the places he was marched to previous ? to the Battle of Germantown but he says an engagement was expected at a certain place name of the place he has forgotten which was prevented by a great rain. Declarant says on or about 4th of Oct 77 the American Army attacked the enemy in their camp at Germantown, he says a corps of British troops at a place he now thinks called Chays house (Chew mansion) made a most obstinate and desperate resistance he says the fortune of the day he thinks was in favor of the enemy affiant will not acknowledge a defeat but calls this affair a draw battle he says that from Germantown he remained with the army till the army went into quarters at Valley Forge at which place affiant was discharged by his said Capt Thomas Forrest after having served from April till about 20th day of December, upwards of 8 months a private soldier. This terminates affiants service in the war of the Revolution. He has no documentary evidence of his service--he is very old and childish he says he never took any care of his discharge he says he knew many regular officers Declarant states that he belonged and served in Col. Proctor's command he cannot recollect the No. of any regiment he says he remembers in particular Gen Weedon's Brigade of Virginians and that it was a common saying among the troop that Weedon's men could whip the devil. Declarant hereby relinquishes e____y? to a pension or annuity except the present and he declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state. Sworn to and subscribed the day and year aforesaid. his

Uriah (G) Gandee


To the several interrogatories prescribed by the War Department and propounded to the applicant he answered as follows -1- I was born in the year 1753 at Philadelphia State of Pa. as I was told by my parents and as I always believed -2- I have no record of my age -3- I was living in Philadelphia State of Pa when I entered the service. I have lived since in Pa and Va where I now live in Jackson County on the Ohio River -4- All my tours of duty I was a volunteer private soldier and I served as such -5- I knew in the service Gen Washington Greene Weedon--Layfayette Wayne and Col. Proctor Marshall and many others whose names I have forgotten. I served with Pa, Md, New Jersey, Va and regular troops. I fought at Princeton and Trenton, Brandywine and Germantown. I do not recollect the No. of any __?reg? whatever and these are the general circumstances of my service -6- I have lost my discharges -7- I am known to John M. Kown and Phillip Hall of Jackson County and state of Va who can testify as to my character for veracity and their belief of my having been a soldier of the Revolution. Sworn to and subscribed the day and year aforesaid.

his Uriah (G) Gandee


We John M. Kowen and Phillip Hall residing in Jackson County and State of Virginia do hereby certify that we are well acquainted with Uriah Gandee who has subscribed and . . . (supporting claim)

Elias Parsons of Jackson County a man of character and neighbor of Gandy states to the undersigned on the 28th Dec 1836 that on the night of the 25th Dec Gandy stayed at his home on his way to Ohio--that Gandy was talking about his application for a pension--and in answer to an inquiry made by Parsons as to how long he had served as a soldier in the war of the Revolution--Gandy replied 'Something like six months'. Parsons further states that not one man who knew Gandy believed that he ever served one hour as a soldier in the war of the Revolution--he is too young.

David G. Monell?? Clerk of Jackson Sup. Court states on same day that Gandy applied to him to write to the Secretary of War about his pending claim for a Pension and that he did in compliance with Gandy's request write--at the time questioning Gandy's ______? . . . he is a harty man. Can walk 40 miles a day, as I am told--there can be no doubt of this claim being fraudulent . . .

W. G. Singleton

Jany 2:1834

June the 7th 1834 Lewis County, VA

Sir, (J. L. Edwards, War Department Pension Office)

I received yours of the 10th April together with that of the 24th and as stated in my other of this date that I had to go to see the applicants and I have just ventured to write and give you an account of the explanation of Gandee . . . I have made the following enquiries. Gandee says he cannot depose to any other facts than is set forth in his declaration but you must have been mistaken in looking at the declaration of Gandee as he does not alledge to have been a Drafted Militia nor served as such you state he alleges to have served in a company of Capt. Davis. This must have been Rhodes papers [Zachariah Rhodes' claim was under examination also at the same time] Gandee was a volunteer throughout and says he does not recollect the No. his regiments as he served in many places and under several field officers. He is very old and lives with his son since his application for pension. His son has taken him to his house which is between 20 and 30 miles from the Court house and a great ways from any Justice of the peace. He is like Mr. Rhodes has left his companion behind she is his 2nd wife and his son is not willing to keep both. He is also a member of the Methodist Society and has been nearly ever since he quitted the service only what intervals by removing from one place to another. He is also known in the County of Jackson where he resides and in Lewis and Kanawhay, Harrison and Randolph counties as one of the soldiers of the Revolution from circumstances of the Revolutionary War Detailed by him from his first acquaintance in this West of Virginia. I think by a re-examination of his papers his claim will be allowed him . . . [discussion of applications other than Uriah's follows]

J. J. Arnolds? Agent

War Department Pension Office March 16, 1835

Sir: [The Clerk of the County Court, Ripley, Jackson Co., Virginia]

The claims of the following named persons to pensions under the Act of June 7, 1832, the merits of which have been thoroughly investigated by Mr. W. G. Singleton, a Special agent appointed by the dept. for that purpose, have upon the receipt of his report, been rejected viz:

James Maze Zachariah Rhodes

Samuel Tanner Uriah Gandy

Charles Stewart Elijah Runion

Bazel Wright Thomas Hughs

All of Jackson County, Va. You will please inform them of this decision in their claims.

So Uriah's claim for pension was denied. An old man's poor memory for names, a mistaken identity possibly between him and his son, and an investigator, whose job it was to find and discredit claims he believed to be fraudulent, all conspired to deny him and others like him, the few dollars pension which would have given them independence and kept families together. Uriah died before these difficulties were ever worked out, probably at the home of his son, Levi T., near the Ohio Rivr.

"Pioneers in Wood County," John House, 1932. West Augusta Hist. and Gen. Society Newsletter, Sep-Oct 1988:

"Uriah Gandee was a resident of Wood County in 1800, as is shown on the records at the Court House. On April 15th of that year, the County appointed commissioners to view and mark out a road 'from Uriah Gandee's house to the mouth of Stillwell.' In 1803, Gandee received a deed from Daniel Rowell for Mustapha Island, and in 1804 from John Spencer for twenty acres of land across on the Virginia shore. He may have been living on these lands before. In 1806, he sold the same to Jacob Westfall. Family tradition states that Uriah Gandee lived at 'the old Gandee homestead on the road leading from Belpre to the head of Blennerhassett Island.' Presumably, he located there after leaving his home down at Mustapha. The Belpre house was long in the family, being the residence of James, son of Jesse Gandee.

"We have the names of three of Uriah Gandee's children:-

"Mary Gandee married Andrew Vanvlara and was living here before 1800.

"Uriah Gandee married Massie Hughes in 1806. She was the youngest child of Jesse Hughes, the Indian Scout.

"Jesse Gandee married Nancy Hutchinson. He and John Hutchinson bought land and lived on the river bank below the mouth of the stream that heads by Marrtown. They lived where the John Armstrong cabin had been above the head of Blennerhassett Island. About 1821, Gandee located in Parkersburg, where he had a blacksmith shop at the corner of Market Street and court Square. Later he built a brick house 'The Old Homestead,' which is till (in 1932) doing good service.

"Esther Gandee, who married Amos Daily in 1805 was doubtless another daughter.

"There is nothing I have showing where Uriah Gandee came from. The Vanvlaras were from Pennsylvania, but that marriage may have been elsewhere. A Uriah Gandee was a leader of British sympathizers in the Revolution. He lived on Gandee's Run in Randolph County."

The Cave story, as related by Margaret Droddy Thompson to Mark Kiser, indicates there was a first wife, Mary, and that the winter of 1781, probably 1780-81, was the time of the tragedy. It is my speculation that Uriah could have had a son or even two who may have been "old enough to go hunting with the men" and may have escaped the tragedy. However it happened, Uriah must have married Susannah some time during the year 1781.

The identity of Susannah ______ Gandee, wife of Uriah Gandy, Sr., has not been found. It is believed that she may have been born Susannah Teter, and that Levi Teter Gandy was named so, to reflect her maiden name. No record has yet been found to support this belief or give us a clue as to her identity.

The following notes on some of Uriah's neighbors may eventually lead to finding her family:

The 1784 Heads of Families, Virginia, page 71, Rockingham Co., List of Isaac Hinkle, which was the North Fork District of what later became Pendleton Co., consisted of 41 names, a small list compared to the others shown, and included Uriah Gandy, and forty of his closest neighbors. Thirty four of these were still in Rockingham in 1787, and three were taxed in Randolph County in 1787, along with Uriah Gandy. Randolph County was formed from Harrison County in 1787, was never a part of Rockingham, so these families had to move during the period 1784 to 1787. These three families were:

Joseph Cheverunt, head of a family of 6 in 1784, Rockingham Co., taxed in 1787-88 in Randolph. Said to have been born near the Swiss border of France, about 1753, and to have been educated for the Catholic priesthood. In his teens, however, he became a Protestant and was disowned by his parents, so he came to America. A Joseph Cheuvront left a will, 2 Feb 1832, Harrison Co., mentions wife, not named, and Aaron, Ahmos, John, Thomas, Gideon, Caleb, Enoch, Cassandra, Mary, Elizabeth and Priscilla. This may be Joseph, head of a family of 6 in 1784.

Jacob Shuk (Shook), head of a family of 3 in 1784, Rockingham Co., taxed in Randolph in 1787-88. Jacob's taxes were collected the same day as Uriah's, so it is assumed they were close neighbors in Randolph Co. Sims Index to Land Grants in West Virginia shows Jacob Shook with 112a on Dry Fork, Harrison Co., 1787 (just before Randolph was formed) Bk 1, p. 534. Herman Shook left a will in Hardy Co., 8 Jun 1789, and named sons: William, John, Hermanous, David, and mentions daughters, not named. John Shook, probably son of Herman, left a will in Hardy Co., 13 Dec 1790, names Elizabeth, wife; Mary, daughter, and William, Peter, Harmon, David, brothers. Henry Shirk left a will in Hardy Co., 10 Aug 1819, names wife, Mary Catie; sons: John, Jonathan, Jacob, Henry, Adam, Job, Absolem. Daughters: Sueannah, Eliz., Mary, Patsy.

George Teter, Sr, head of a family of 11, and George Teter, Jr., head of a family of 5, were both taxed in Rockingham Co., VA, in 1784. Joseph Kellogg, in his Teter Family manuscript, believes that George, Sr., with children born 1762 to 1784, was the family of 11, son of George Teter who d. 1744, and Margaret Ludman. The George Teter, Jr., head of a family of 5, was really George, b. 1762, son of Paul, d. 1784, who was the son of George, d. 1744. This George Teter was taxed in Rockingham, 1787, with one other male in household 16 to 21, and was in Randolph Co. in 1787, and taxed there. On 26 Nov 1793, Uriah Gandy took the oath of office for sheriff in Randolph Co., and gave bond with Thomas Wilmoth, George Teter, and William Wamsley. On May 25, 1795, Randolph Co., William Grigg was appointed administrator of the estate of George Teter, deceased, and Uriah Gandy, John Chinoweth, Cornelius Westfall, and Hezekiah Rosocrons were appointed appraisers. 5 Oct 1795, George Teter and wife Margaret, "of Randolph County," made a deed for 224 acres in Randolph to Jacob Teter, s/o George, Jr.

George Teter, Sr., head of a family of 11 in 1784, Rockingham Co. was b. 1740, Rowan County, NC, d. 1798, Pendleton Co., (W)V, m. 1763, Anna Margaret Henkle, b. 1745, d. 1825. DAR 51 865. [DAR 51 865 George Teter was a trooper in the Va Militia on the western frontier, b. 1740 Rowan Co., NC, d. 1798, Pendleton Co., VA. Lineage for his g-g-granddaughter, Sarah Elizabeth Mitchell Guernsey, p. 386, 1905 Lineage Book. Other names listed: Rev. John Mitchell, Christopher Harrold, John Harrold, Patrick McCann, Anthony Altman, William Baker, Ernst Baker.] George Teter left a will in Pendleton Co., written 28 Nov 1795, proved 1798. He names wife: Anna Margaret; son, Paul, eldest, made executor, received property called Timber Hills, Pendleton Co.; son, Jacob recieved property in Barker's Settlement, Randolph Co.; son, Joseph received property in Harrison Co.; sons: Isaac and George; daughters: Susannah, Mary and Barbara. He gave daughter Susanna a cow and calf, a spinning wheel and a bed. To daughters, Mary and Barbara likewise, a cow and calf, a spinning wheel and a bed. He made Moses Henkle guardian of "all my children under age." These were probably Mary, m. 1798, Uriah Shoulders, consent Moses Henkle; George, b. 1784, m. Sarah Harper; Barabara, m. 1800, Joseph Walker. Of Susanna, we know nothing more. [The Teter Family, Joseph M. Kellogg, a manuscript filmed at the University, Morgantown, gives an estimated birth for Susanna as c.1776-77. He gives nothing further on her.] Morton's History of Pendleton County lists three more children, not named in will: Philip, d. 1816; Christina, m. Justus Hinkle, [not likely that he would marry his sister's daughter]; Catherine Margaret, m. Rev. John Mitchell, of DAR 51-865, which names John Mitchell and George Teter. The will was witnessed by Moses Henkle, Thomas Holder and Isaac Henkle.

Thomas Holder is of interest because he married 3 Oct 1808, Randolph Co., Margaret Gandy, "widow of John Gandy." Thomas left a will, proved in Randolph Co., Feb 1814, naming wife: Margaret, son Jacob, under three years old, son James Holder, David Holder son of my son James Holder by Mary Friend; son Thomas Holder; and the children of my daughter Elizabeth Teeter, deceased; granddaughter, Mary Teeter. Thomas Holder was taxed as head of family in Monongalia Co., 1782; Harrison Co., 1785, and was enumerated on the 1810 Randolph Co., (W)V, Census, which makes it appear that he was in one location all that time, and the counties changed boundaries around him. Morton includes John Gandy in his list of "Other Extinct Families" of Pendleton Co., families not on tithables for 1790 but appear, from various records, to have been living there before 1802. On the sale bill of Geoge Teter's estate, returned 4 Dec 1798: John Gandy purchased a great coat and three bars of lead.

Elizabeth Holder, daughter of Thomas Holder, m. Jacob Teter, son of George Teter, Jr. Jacob lived in "Barker's Settlement," west side of Tygarts Valley River. On 5 Oct 1795, George Teter and wife Margaret, "of Randolph Co." deeded to him for 50 pounds, 224 acres in Randolph Co., (surveyed for George Teter, 5 Feb 1795) on the west side of the Valley river, opposite to the land formerly claimed by Elias Barker, including an improvement of said George Teter. Witnesses: Uriah Gandy, Jacob Kittle, R. Maxwell. (Randolph Deed Book #1, p. 484.)

George Teter, Sr., b. 1740, as referenced above, was the son of George Teter, d. 1744, probably Orange Co., VA, [Kellogg also says George, Sr., was b. 1740, Rowan Co., NC, not impossible that the father returned to VA on business, but does not seem to be what is implied. It is most likely that George the younger was b. 1740, in VA, not NC.] and the widow, Margaret (Ludman) Teter and the children moved to Dutchman's Creek, near Salisbury, NC. Owing to Indian troubles they removed to the North Fork soon after 1760. It is not known where Margaret died. Their known children were: George, Jr.; Paul, d. 1784, m. Rebecca Henkle; [Rebecca Teeter, head of a family of 7 in 1784, Rockingham, and was still there in 1787. In 1797, Rebecca disposes of all of her land in Randolph and Rockingham Counties, and probably moved west with the rest of her known children to St. Clair Co., IL, with the Badgely party, except for George, who had already settled in Randolph Co.] Philip, m. Susannah Henkle; and Barbara, m. Jacob Henkle. Joseph Kellogg also names Rosina, m. Martin Bidert (Peterson). She died in 1804. And a daughter, who married John Gartmann, and lived in Carolina. There may have been others.

Rebecca, Susannah and Jacob Henkle, along with Anna Margaret, were all children of Justus (Yost, or Johann Justus) Henkle, who was the son of Anthony Jacob Henkel, a preacher, who came from Frankfort, Germany, to Montgomery County, PA, in 1717. He was killed by a fall from his horse in 1728. His son Justus went to NC and then, in 1761, to the North Fork, settling a little above Harper's Mill. In addition to those children mentioned above, there were also: Mary Magdalena, stayed in NC; Catharine, stayed in NC; Abraham, d. 1815, m. Mary C. Teter; Hannah, m. _____ Johnson; Elizabeth, m. _____ Ruleman; Justus, m. Christian Teter; Isaac, m. Mary Cunningham.

So there was a Susanna Teter, daughter of George Teter, Jr., at the right place and the right time, and very possibly the right age, to have married Uriah Gandy by 1780-81. It is also possible that Paul and Rebecca (Henkle) Teter had a daughter Susanna, b. near the same time as George, b. 1762, who could have been our Susanna. This could account for the close association between Uriah Gandy and George Teter of Randolph Co., if he were her brother.

The Journals of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, In Three Volumes, Translated by Theodore G. Tappert and John W. Doberstein, published 1953, v. III, pp. 178-182:

"July 26, Sunday. . . . In the evening I wrote a letter to my wife and children in Providence and New Hannover. I . . . also reported that two German soldiers had received the sentence of death for desertion, would be shot within a few days, and had requested pastoral consolation.

"July 27, Monday. . . . .the sister of one of the deserters, whose mother is a poor devout widow of our congregation, asked me to intercede with Colonel [Michael] Pr[obst] for her brother's life. Footnote attached to brother is referenced as Jacob Gandy. I wrote a few lines in English and sent her to him with them. The colonel himself came to see me and said that there was nothing he could do in the matter since the man had been found guilty by court martial and the death sentence had been signed by His Excellency General Washington. If His Excellency were not so far away and were here in person, an intercession might be of some avail, but as it was, the execution must be carried out next Thursday. My son Henr[ich] visited the poor sinner twice today in the criminal dungeon. The widow's son had formerly received instruction in our school, and it was easier to lead him back on the path of repentance. The other had been neglected in his youth and was quite ignorant and difficult to convince . . .

"July 28, Tuesday. My son H[einrich] visited the prisoners in the forenoon and found them nearer to the goal and more pliable . . .

"July 29, Wednesday. . . . Mr. Kuntze and my son H[einrich] went together to see the prisoners who were to be shot tomorrow. They bent every effort to prepare them for death . . . In the evening Pastor Kuntze asked me to draw up an English petition to the local general, requesting a stay of execution for the widow's son. He wanted to present it to the general the first thing in the morning and he gave me the two arguments which I was to use. I therefore wrote the following:

"To His Excellency General . . .

"May it please Your Excellency graciously to permit a few words in behalf of Jacob Gandy, who is under Sentence of Death. There are creditable Evidences, whereof the humble Bearer of these is one, who can testify, that the said Jacob Gandy was brought in Town last Winter by the Enemies a Prisoner and put in Goal [sic], and falling sick in Goal, your Excellency's most humble Petitioner endeavor'd to get him out of Goal with much Trouble and Pains. And being desired now as a Minister to prepare the said Gandy for death and bring him to repent of his Crimes, he cannot be convinced as it were, that he should have informed against Major Bush or betrayed any Friend of the United States. In order to clear our Consciences, we humbly take Liberty to submit thus much to Your Excellency's known Wisdom, unbyassed Judgment and Rectitude of Heart, craving if in any Way possible and consistent that the Execution of the said Gandy might be postponed for further Examination? which would infinitely oblige

"Your Excellency's most humble petitioners to pray

"H. M[uhlenberg], etc.

"Philad:July 29th 1778.

"July 30, Thursday. Early in the morning Pastor Kuntze handed in a fair copy of the above petition. And since the two poor sinners had yesterday exhibited repentance, and among other things had asked the pastors whether their bodies might not be buried in a corner of our cemetery, we perceived at once that this could not be done without incurring criticism, partly because it would cause vexation and trouble in the congregation and partly because it could also be said in public that we were thereby trying to show that they had suffered innocently and thus diminish the effect which is the purpose of such judicial penalties. I therefore wrote a few lines, propounding the question as to whether it could be permitted. I hinted, however, that it might cause trouble in the congregation if permission were granted. We sent the note around to all the members of the corporation who were available, and they all answered. No, it could not be allowed. Later we learned that the general had stayed the execution pending further examination . . .

"August 6, Thursday. . . . Received the following letter from Pastor Kuntze.

"Philadelphia, August 5, 1778

"Most esteemed and dearest father-in-law:

" . . . The two condemned men, Gandy and Roth, were here to see me yesterday, after I had visited them early in the morning, and they thanked me a thousand times. They have been pardoned. The petition was the greatest factor in it . . .

"Your most obedient son,


Jesse Gandee

Jesse Gandee, b. 30 May 1788, m. 29 Dec 1814, Wood Co., (W)V, Nancy Hutchinson. He was living in Wood Co. at the time of the 1830 Census.

James Gandee, m. ?Maria _____, lived in Belpre, Washington Co., OH.

"Pioneers in Wood County," John A. House, West Augusta Historical & Genealogical Society Newsletter, Jan-Feb 1988:

Nancy Hutchinson married Jesse Gandee. He was for years a blacksmith at the southwest corner of Market and Court Streets, Parkersburg, and owned and lived on land down the river above Blennerhassett Island at one time. . . .(Uriah Gandee, Sr.) family lived at the old Gandee homestead on the road leading from Belpre to the head of Blennerhassett Island. Presumably, he located there after leaving his home down at Mustapha. The Belpre house was long in the family, being the residence of James, son of Jesse Gandee.

". . . Jesse Gander, b. 1796 in Rockingham, a well-to-do blacksmith in early Parkersburg, W. Va. always used Gander."--Letter from Lee Gandee.

Jesse and Nancy Gandee are listed in the Index to Wood Co., WV, Deeds as buying and selling land from 1821 to 1852. A James purchased a lot in Morehead and Neals Adn. in 1873, and in 1874, James and Maria sold it to William H. Brown. This may be James, s/o Jesse. There are no other Gandee land transactions in Wood Co. before 1880 which might give a clue to other sons of Jesse.

Other possible children of Uriah Gandee, Sr., and some research notes which may pertain to them:

James Gandy

There is a deed in Gallia Co., OH, Bk 29, p. 493, dated 27 Jan 1859, recorded 29 Apr 1859: John Gandy, et al to Thomas R. Harmon. . . Mary Gandy, William Gandy, John Gandy, Susannah Hays and Mathew Hays her husband, Sarah Ann Anderson and Daniel Anderson her husband, Joanna Gandy, Margaret Figgins and William Figgins her husband, Robert Gandy and Eliza Jane Gandy, heirs at law of James Gandy deceased of this State of Ohio. . . $75.00. . Town of Gallipolis. . . known and numbered on the recorded plat of said Town three hundred and twenty four (324) . . .

This James Gandy, with nine children, all apparently of age, must have been born around 1800, and, I think, may be another child of Uriah, Sr. and Susannah.

Esther Gandy

Esther Gandy, m. 30 Jan 1805, Wood Co., (W)V, Amos Daily.

Tax records show Amos Dailey, 1803 in Washington Co., OH, 1806 and 1808 in Athens Co., OH.

Wood Co., WV, Marriage Records:

Esther Gander, m. 30 Jan 1805, Amos Dailey, by Reece Wolf, Methodist minister.

Amos Dailey, m. 15 Aug 1809, Mary Calvin

Miscellaneous records of the area:

Wood Co., WV, Death Records:

Ellen Dailey, d. 1 Dec 1855, Parkersburg, d/o Patrick and Ellen Daily.

Clarinda Dailey, d. May 1867, Wood Co., d/o Michael and Ann Dailey.

Monroe Dailey, d. 6 Nov 1869, s/o Wm. and Angeline Dailey.

Jackson Co., WV, Death Records:

Elizabeth Daley, d/o John and N. Lee, d. 25 Sep 1870, 36y, 10m.

Eva Ann Franklin, d/o J. H. and Ann (Brooks) Dailey, d. 1 Feb 1940, age 77y, 7m, 3d, b. OH, d. Jackson Co.

Catherine Dailey, d. 10 May 1892, 61y, 4m, 15d, b. OH, d/o T. and E. Woodruff.

Catherine Dailey, d. 25 Jan 1902, 35y, d/o J. N. Gault.

John M. Dailey, d. 18 Sep 1912, 78y.

John M. Dailey, d. 7 Jul 1923, 59y, 11m, 3d, b. OH, s/o John M., Res: Wilding.

Margaret A. Dailey, d. 31 Mar 1923, 68y, 10m, 13d, b. OH, d/o David Young.

Jonathan Gandy

Jonathan Gandy, probably born Wood Co., (W)V, near Parkersburg, m. 16 Oct 1823, Gallia Co., OH, Betsy Sanshillong. Jonathan Gandy was enumerated on the 1820, Gallia Co., OH, census, p. 39.

There is a Gallia Co., OH, deed, 19 Sep 1825, Jonathan Gandy and Betsy, his wife, to John Cating, . . town of Gallipolis. . Garden lot No. 27 . . . Recorded Aug 1836. Bk 14, p. 34.

". . . they stopped at Gallipolis in Gallia County, Ohio, where Jonathan married Betty Sharshillong, a French girl--Gallipolis was a colony of Parisian Royalist refugees from the French Revolution."--Letter from Lee Gandee.

Samuel Gandy

Samuel Gandy. I have no information on this Samuel.

The following records are for a Samuel Gandy who is too old to be a son of Uriah, Sr., but could be the brother Lee Gandee spoke of in his letters. I include George, Jacob and John here because of their proximity to Samuel in Frederick Co.

1787 Frederick Co., VA, Tax list:

Peter Gandy

Samuel Gandy

Jacob Gandy

1810 Frederick Co., VA, Census:

Samuel Gander, 2m -10, 1m 10-16, 1m 45+, 2f -10, 1f 45+

1810 Shenandoah Co., VA, Census:

George Gander, 2m -10, 1m 16-26, 1m 45+, 3f 16-26, 1f 45+

Jacob Gander, 2m 10-16, 2 m 16-26, 1m 26-45, 1f 16-26, 1f 26-45

John Gander, 1m -10, 1m 16-26, 1m 26-45, 1f 16-26

1820 Frederick Co., VA, Census:

Samuel Gander, p. 21

"A list of Persons joined in marriage by the subscriber from November Court 1790 to May Court 1791--Samuel Gandy and Sarah Potena (Petula?) Barry, by James Shelburn, Minister, July 12th 1791,"--Lunenburg County, VA, Marriage Records.

There is an estate settlement on record in Muskingum Co., OH, 7 Jun 1845, for a Samuel Gander, deceased, George Gander, Administrator, mentions money owed the estate by a David Gander.

Eli Gandy

Eli Gandy, no place of birth or date known, probably m. 3 Apr 1814, Gallia Co., OH, Mary Bibbee, the marriage performed by Elijah Runner. Eli Gandy was enumerated in Mason Co., 1820 census, on the same page as Uriah, Sr.; 1830 census showed him to be in Meigs Co., OH, Lebanon Twp., p. 243; and probably the Eli Gandy, 1840 Lewis Co., KY, p. 077, No Twp., is also our Eli.

Lewis Co., KY, marriage record: Debara Gandee (b. 1826 in OH) - m. Robert Meredith - 29 Mar. 1845 License; Robert b. 1813; Eli Gandee father of Debra Gandee. I believe this to be the daugher of Eli and Mary (Bibee) Gandy, and a strong suggestion that Mary Bibbee may be the daughter of William and Debora (Hughes) Bibbee, as tenatively placed by Bibbee researchers.

From the 1850 census of Lewis Co., KY, District No. 1 HH# 114

Meredith, Robert 37 M Blacksmith KY

Debora 24 F OH

Leah 2 F KY

Elizabeth 11m F KY

From the 1860 Lewis Co., KY census:


Meridith, Robert 48 M Blacksmith KY (m. Debara Gandee, 29 Mar. 1845, Lewis Co., KY)

Delmah 37 F VA (d/o Eli Gandee)

Leah A. 13 F KY (14y, d. 23 July 1861, Lewis Co., KY)

Ruth B. 11 F KY

Sophia A. 7 F KY (8y, d. 21 Oct. 1861, Dypthera, Lewis Co., KY)

Sarah (A) 5 F KY (6y, d. 27 Oct. 1861, Dypthera, Lewis Co., KY)

Elnietty 2 F KY

(Dates of death are from the Lewis Co., KY Vital Statistics.)

Abraham Gandee

The following census record was at first believed to be the family of Eli and Mary (Bibbee) Gandy, but a death record for Ruth Alice (Gandee) Gandy, b. 30 Jul 1828, OH, (census records variously show OH, KY, VA as bp) d. 25 Nov 1914, Colusa Co., CA, shows it to be the family of Abraham Gandee, b. VA, and Mary Runyon, bp not given. Abraham Gandee is listed here as a possible son of Uriah Sr., simply because of the son, Uriah, head of household in the census record.

Lewis Co., KY, census of 1850.

District One HH# 187

Gandee, Uriah 27 M VA

Mary A. (b. c1796) 54 F VA

Joseph 23 M VA

Ruth 21 F VA

Isaac 19 M VA

There were no Gandees listed in the 1860 census of Lewis Co., KY.

Gandee marriages from Lewis Co., KY marriage books A, B, and C.:

Jobe Gandee to Ruth A. Gandee - 5 Jan. 1852, Jas. Gandee (security), b. S. V. Bliss

Joseph H. Gandee to Eliza Ann Burris - 8 Mar. 1851 License, Geo. B. Andrews (security).

Debara Gandee (b. 1826 in OH) - m. Robert Meredith - 29 Mar. 1845

License; Robert b. 1813; Eli Gandee father of Debra Gandee.

An inquiry from Nancy Flack who is a descendant of Jobe and Ruth (Gandee) Gandy, states that Jobe and Ruth had moved to California by 1859, and had three daughters, all born in CA, Mary Olive, b. Aug 1859; Ella G., b. 28 Jun 1863; and Lou "Louie," b. 15 Dec 1865. Ella G. was her great-grandmother. Ruth's death record states she had lived in CA for 62 years and 5 months, making their arrival there in 1852, and Nancy's examination of the 1900 and 1910 census records shows there were no other children.

The following is taken from letters recieved from Nancy Flack, Santa Rosa, CA, Jan 1997:

"I'll take 1852 for an arrival year, but they would have left the midwest in the spring and arrived in California probably in September. The trick was to wait long enough in the year for the prairie grasses to be up and the snow in the Rockies to be mostly gone, but early enough to make it through the Sierras before snow fall and early enough that earlier travelling groups' animals hadn't eaten all the grasses near the trails. 1852 was a good year to come, as the weather was perfect that year, there was little or no trouble from the Indians, there were enough other people travelling that groups in trouble (or lost children) could get help from other groups and cholera wasn't a big problem. Apparently the trail west was sort of like a freeway, with wagon trains barely separated from each other. I have several other ancestors who came out that year.

"But, of all the ancestors who came to California between 1849 and 1864, most of them went directly to the gold fields, but quickly gave up and went to the valley to farm. It was much quicker and easier to make a fortune selling food to the miners and everyone else who showed up to profit off the gold, directly or indirectly. However, even as early as 1852 lots of groups drove a herd of cattle or horses to sell once they got here. The idea was to sell their home back east, convert the money to wagon, equipment and horses or cattle, drive the cattle or horses to California, sell them at a huge profit when they got here and use the money to buy a new piece of land here.

"Job and Alice did own land in Yolo County, which (I think) straddles I-80. It might be the next county west of Sacramento County. Yolo is also quite rural. We know they owned land because they told the 1870 census taker that their land was worth $5,000 and their personal property was worth $1,000. They were in Cache Creek Twp, Woodland Post Office. Woodland is another tiny town and I drove through it going to Colusa the other day. On the 1860 census, Job said his real property was worth $2,600 and personal property worth $4,400; they were also in Cache Creek Twp in 1860. I'd sure like to find Job on the 1850 census; since he wasn't married yet, he might have been living with his parents. . . . .

"In 1866 Job registered to vote and gave his full name as Job Lewis Gandy, age 41, born in Kentucky and having moved there from Yolo County (CA). Actually, the voter registration says he was naturalized in Yolo County, but I think whoever was keeping the record just used that space to say where Job had most recently come from. (Do you suppose Job's mother's maiden name was Lewis? I wonder if it means anything that he was from Lewis County, KY.)

"Then on September 8, 1870 Job bought the property that he and Ruth Alice (actually, she went by "Alice," not Ruth) in Freshwater Township. One week later, on September 15, he transferred the property to R.A. Gandy (Ruth Alice, I assume).

"On October 23, 1873 a nogoodnik named Lemuel "Lem" Lightner stabbed Job, "with intent to murder." Although there was plenty of paper to go with this trial, as Lem was charged with attempt to murder J L Gandy, I just couldn't find out what exactly happened. I looked everywhere, including the local newspapers, for the story that went with this trial and only found testimony that Job had gone into a saloon in the town of Colusa, where Lem took out a large knife and tried to kill him. There was a hung jury the following February, so they tried it again and Lem was convicted (in April 1874) and sentenced to 6 months in the state prison. Lem tried to appeal the decision on the grounds that one of the witnesses was also a member of the grand jury which indicted him, but the judge wouldn't go along with it and Lem went to prison.

"The voter registration for August 1890 again showed Job Lewis Gandy, age 68, born in Kentucky and a farmer living in Maxwell.

"In October 1892 they again registered the voters and Job Lewis Gandy is shown as age 71. Here's the really good part: they included a physical description of him. He was 5'7" tall, light complexioned, had blue eyes and gray hair. He also had a scar on the left side of his face and I wonder if that was left over from the incident with Lem Lightner.

"The last mention of him in the Colusa County records is again the voter registration records, which were taken in July 1896, when Job was 75 years old. This time it says he can't read or write, but was exempt from having to be literate in order to vote. I'm not sure what this literacy stuff was about.

"Job does not appear in the 1900 voter registration, so I'm assuming he died between 1896 and 1900. . . . By the way, the most popular ways of dying during this period (other than "natural") was gun shot wound and drowning. Or "drownded" as they often said.

"Although I found Ella's marriage certificate, there was nothing new on it. . . .Job's oldest daughter Mary's full name was Mary Olive Gandy and she married James M Tull on October 6, 1878. . . The librarian did help me find Alice's obituary and it didn't say anything at all that we didn't know. Nuts. I was hoping it would say when her husband had died and list her survivors. No such luck. The obituary is labeled "Mrs A Gandy." Although she is listed as being named "Ruth" on the 1880 census, she is called "Alice" on the 1870 census. The census was taken on January 20, 1870, leaving plenty of time for them to move to Colusa County in September.

"My aunt sent me a pile of pictures she took in the local cemeteries in Colusa and Glenn counties. Among the pictures is a gravestone for Thomas Seibert Gandy 1912-1974. Neither one of us knows who this might be and my aunt didn't tell me which cemetery the picture was taken in."

Mary Gandee

Mary Gandee, m. Andrew Vanvlara and was living in Wood Co., (W)V, before 1800.

1850 Wood Co., (W)V, census, r1062, f1062:

Michael Doyle, 35, b. Ire, farmer

Sarah, 26, b. VA

Mary, 4, b. VA

Matthew, 2, b. VA

Mary VANLIER, 68, b. VA

Wood County Marriages and Probate Records from "History of Wood County, West Virginia," by Donald F. Black:

Elizabeth Vanlear, m. 15 Nov 1829 Wm. Dashner

Catharine Vanlere, m. 2 Sep 1830, James Sommerville

Uriah Vanlear, m. 6 Dec 1832, Harriett Hutchison.

Rebecca Vanlear, m. 3 Nov 1836, John Jefferson Franklin.

Sarah Vandiver, m. 7 Dec 1843, Michael Doyle.

Also in Wood County Marriage Records:

Susanna Vanlere, m. 25 Aug 1825, John A. Vaughn

Andrew Vanleer. Will Book 3, p. 342, 12 Nov 1838; probated 19 Nov 1838; Devisee: Mary Vanleer, wife; Executor: Edward Tracewell; Witnesses: A. M. L. McBane; Appraisers: Allen Davis, John Phelps, Otis L. Bradford; Farm, etc.

Mary Vanleer (Van Lear?) Widow, Sole Devisee, Will of Andrew Vanleer, 3 Will Book 342, November 12, 1838.

Mary Vanleer. Will, 4 Will Book 219, January 27, 1850; Probated February 19, 1851; Devisee: Sarah Doyle; Executor: Edward Tracewell; Witnesses: James Gandee, George McHenny, Edward Tracewell.

Uriah Van Lear. Intestate, 3 Will Book 298, November 20, 1835; Administrator: Edward Tracewell; Appraisers: Otis L. Bradford, John Phelps, Thomas Maddox; Farm, tools, produce, livestock.

Harriett Vanvlara. Wife of Uriah Vanvlara, daughter of Oliver Hutchison, 4 Will Book 62, March 15, 1846; her children by Vanvlara were: Uriah N. Vanvlara, Sarah Vanvlara.

John Vanvlara. Inventory, Will Book 1-A-67, December 28, 1807; Appraisers: John Melrose, John Spencer, Bartlet Davis; Sword, household goods and debts owed to him; Judgement vs. Simon Kenton; Note William Spencer; Alexander Westfall­open account, horses. Settlement, Will Book 1-A, p. 97-98.

Sarah Vanvlara. Daughter of Uriah Vanvlara and Harriett (Hutchison) Vanvlara, 4 Will Book 62, March 15, 1846.

Uriah Vanvlara, Sr. Son-in-law of Oliver Hutchison­husband of Harriett (Hutchison) Vanvlara, deceased, 1846, 4 Will Book 62, March 15, 1846.

Uriah Vanvlara, Jr. Son of Uriah Vanvlara and Harriett (Hutchison) Vanvlara, 4 Will Book 62, March 15, 1846.

Elizabeth Vandever, m. 12 May 1815, James Creel

Abraham Vandever, m. 16 Dec 1815, Anna Eskridge.

Joice Vandever, m. 8 Jun 1815, Elias Kincheloe.

Rachel Vandiver, m. 4 Jan 1820, Ephriam Rolston.

Thos. Vandiver, m. 27 Jan 1828, Frances Prince.

Jane D. Van Diver, m. 29 Jan 1835, George K. Leonard.

Elizabeth, Abraham, Joice, Rachel, Thos., and Jane D. are all children and devisees of Lewis Vandiver, whose will was written February 1, 1814, probated March Term, 1814. Will Book 1-A-225. Lewis also mentions a brother, Jacob Vandiver. Except for Mary Vanleer mentioning Sarah Doyle (who may be Sarah Vandiver m. Michael Doyle) this appears to be a separate family from the Vanvlara/Vanleer/Van Lear family. Sarah Doyle very possibly could be Sarah Vanvlara, daughter of Uriah and Harriett, therefore Mary's granddaughter.

Rebecka Gandee

Rebecka Gandee, m. 12 Mar 1814, Gallia Co., OH, John Handshaw. The marriage was performed by Elijah Runner.

Levi T.'s first wife was Margaret Handshaw. It is possible John and Margaret are from the same family, along with George Handshaw who m. Nancy Agnes Hughes, daughter of Jesse. The following appears to be the family of Nancy Hughes and George Handsahw, if so Nancy's age has to be wrong on the census record. She must have been at least 50.

1850 Jackson Co., VA, Census, r243, f247:

Nancy Handshaw, 40, b. VA

Levi, 21, b. VA

Jesse, 18, b. VA

Jonny, 13, b. VA

Amanda, 12, b. VA

Thomas Bennet, 36, b. VA

Grace " , 21, b. VA

r244:Uriah Hanshaw, 23, b. VA

Polly, 28

William, 1/12

Jackson Co., WV, Marriage Records:

Levi Hanshaw, m. 31 Mar 1853, Sarah Vannoy, d/o Cornelius

Grace Handshaw, m. 31 Jan 1850, Thomas Bennet

Uriah Hanshaw, m. 13 Jan 1850, Mary Stanley

Mary Handshaw, m. 14 Apr 1842, Jonathan Stanley

Mason Co., WV, Marriage Records:

Mary Hanshaw, m. 22 Sep 1821, Wm. Starcher.

Joseph Henshaw, m. 12 Nov 1822, Mary Wires.

Elizabeth Hanshaw, m. 11 Mar 1827, John Steed.

Fred'k Hanshaw, m. 31 Aug 1830, Catherine Hall.

Wm. Hanshaw, m. 30 Jun 1845, Mary McCoy.

A John Hanshaw was enumerated in Mason Co., (W)V, in 1810 with 3m -10, 1m 10-16, 1m 26-45, 1f -10, 1f 10-16, 1f 26-45. John Henshaw was in Meigs Co., OH, Lebanon Twp., p.112, in 1820, same census page as Levi T. Gandy. John of Mason Co. most likely is the father of John who married Rebecka. William Hanshaw, b. 1825, OH, m. Mary McCoy, may be their son.

Margaret Gandy

"There may have been other children, perhaps Margaret Gandy, who married a Buffington at Buffington's Island was one of Uriah Sr.'s children and there may have been others. Changing county lines also confuse issues . . . They stayed with Uriah Sr. who sold a farm he bought in Wood County, and bought a floating mill which they operated on the Ohio River at new communities that as yet had no mill locally. They moored it at Buffington's Island which is why I think Margaret may have been along and married there . . . "--Letter from Lee Gandee.

Generation No. 2

2. MARY4 GANDEE (URIAH3, GEORGE2 GANTHER/GANDER, HANS JACOB1 GANTHER) was born Abt. 1782, and died Bef. 19 Feb 1851. She married ANDREW VANVLARA Bef. 1800.


6. i. URIAH5 VAN LEAR, d. Bef. 20 Nov 1835.

7. ii. SARAH VANDIVER, b. 1824; d. 9 Oct 1877, Lubeck Dist., Wood Co., WV.

3. URIAH4 GANDEE , JR. (URIAH3, GEORGE2 GANTHER/GANDER, HANS JACOB1 GANTHER) was born 2 Sep 1782 in Rockingham Co., VA, and died 12 Oct 1854 in Gandeeville, now Roane Co.WV, Kanawha Co. He married MERCY HUGHES 30 Jul 1806 in Wood Co., VA, daughter of JESSE HUGHES and GRACE TANNER.

Children of URIAH GANDEE and MERCY HUGHES are:


8. ii. JESSE GANDEE, b. Abt. 1804; d. Bef. Nov 1837.

9. iii. SARAH GANDEE, b. 1805, VA; d. 28 Jan 1883.

10. iv. SUSANAH GANDEE, b. 1807, OH.

11. v. WILLIAM GANDEE, b. 5 Feb 1813, Old Town Flats, now Meigs Co., Gallia Co; d. 5 Jul 1900, Roane Co., WV.

12. vi. GEORGE GANDEE, b. 1815.

vii. INFANT GANDEE, b. Abt. 1816.

13. viii. CYNTHIA GANDEE, b. 1817.

14. ix. GRACE GANDEE, b. 1819; d. Bef. 1849.

15. x. LUCINDA GANDEE, b. 1822, VA.

16. xi. SAMUEL GANDEE, b. 25 Dec 1824, Gandeeville, now Roane Co. WV, Jackson C; d. 16 Feb 1908, Harmony, Roane Co., WV.

17. xii. MARTHA GANDEE, b. 1829, VA.

18. xiii. JAMES STANLEY GANDEE, b. 27 Jul 1832, Gandeeville, now Roane Co.WV, Jackson Co; d. 7 Mar 1925, Ripley, Jackson Co., WV.

4. JESSE4 GANDER (URIAH3 GANDEE , SR., GEORGE2 GANTHER/GANDER, HANS JACOB1 GANTHER) was born 30 May 1788 (Source: LDS IGI, batch 0183537, Casper J. Fetzer, desc, submitter.), and died Bef. 1850. He married NANCY HUTCHINSON 29 Dec 1814 in Wood Co., VA.



5. LEVI TETER4 GANDEE (URIAH3, GEORGE2 GANTHER/GANDER, HANS JACOB1 GANTHER) was born 1794 in Probably Randolph Co., VA, and died 2 Nov 1863. He married (1) MARGARET HANDSHAW 25 Feb 1820 in Meigs Co., OH. He married (2) CYNTHIA BIBBEE 7 Jun 1832 in Jackson Co., VA, daughter of ISAAC BIBBY and CYNTHIA LEE.



19. ii. JESSE GANDEE, b. 1820, OH; d. 1895.

20. iii. GEORGE GANDEE, b. 1825, VA.


21. iv. LEVI TETER5 GANDEE, b. 16 May 1834, VA; d. 12 Mar 1860.

v. RACHEL GANDEE, b. 1836, Jackson Co., VA; m. JOHN MINEAR, 16 Oct 1856, Jackson Co., VA.

vi. WILLIAM GANDEE, b. 1838, VA.

vii. MARY A. GANDEE, b. 1840, Jackson Co., VA; m. ADAM WOLF, 22 Jan 1860, Jackson Co., VA.

viii. REBECCA EMELINE GANDEE, b. 1842, Jackson Co., VA; m. WILLIAM STEAD, 28 Feb 1864, Jackson Co., WV.

22. ix. ANNA GANDEE, b. 1844, VA.

23. x. DAVID SMITH `RIVER DAVE' GANDEE, b. Oct 1847, Jackson Co., VA; d. 1901.

24. xi. VIRGINIA C. GANDEE, b. 1849, Jackson Co., VA.

25. xii. SARAH J. GANDEE, b. 1853, VA.

xiii. ISAAC A. GANDEE, b. 1856, Jackson Co., VA.

Generation No. 3

6. URIAH5 VAN LEAR (MARY4 GANDEE, URIAH3, GEORGE2 GANTHER/GANDER, HANS JACOB1 GANTHER) died Bef. 20 Nov 1835 (Source: History of Wood Co., WV, Donald F. Black: Probate records, p. 230. Uriah d.). He married HARIETT HUTCHISON 6 Dec 1832 in Wood Co., (W)V, daughter of OLIVER HUTCHISON and SARAH PAGE.


i. URIAH N.6 VANVLARA, b. 1836; m. RHODA HOSTUTLER, 31 Dec 1867, Wood Co., WV (Source: Wood Co., WV, Marriage Record:W. N. Vanleer, 30, s, s/o U and Harriett.This must be Uriah N., but b. 1837?, age must not be right. Father U d. bef Nov 20, 1835.).

ii. SARAH VANVLARA, b. Aft. 1832 (Source: Wood Co., WV, Death Records:Sallie Doyle, 34y, d. 9 Oct 1877, d/o Andrew Vanleer, Inf: John Doyle, Hus: M. DoyleAge should be about 54, and parent should be Uriah, not Andrew.).

7. SARAH5 VANDIVER (MARY4 GANDEE, URIAH3, GEORGE2 GANTHER/GANDER, HANS JACOB1 GANTHER) was born 1824, and died 9 Oct 1877 in Lubeck Dist., Wood Co., WV (Source: Wood Co., WV, Death Records:Sallie Doyle, 34, d/o Andrew Vanleer, Inf: John Doyle, Hus: M. DoyleBelieve age transcribed wrong, whould be 54y.). She married MICHAEL DOYLE 7 Dec 1843 in Wood Co., (W)V.


i. MARY6 DOYLE, b. 1846.

ii. MATTHEW DOYLE, b. 1848.

8. JESSE5 GANDEE (URIAH4, URIAH3, GEORGE2 GANTHER/GANDER, HANS JACOB1 GANTHER) was born Abt. 1804, and died Bef. Nov 1837. He married MARY DAUGHERTY/DORITY 3 May 1829 in Kanawha Co., VA.


i. JOHN6 GANDEE, b. 14 Feb 1830, Jackson Co., VA; d. 14 Oct 1904, Nelsonville, Athens Co., OH; m. SARAH FINNEY, 13 Nov 1851, Jackson Co., VA.

ii. DAVID LORENZO DOW GANDEE, b. 12 Dec 1831, Jackson Co., VA; d. 9 Nov 1908 (Source: Cemetery); m. (1) MARY JANE CASTO, 11 Aug 1854, Jackson Co., VA; m. (2) REBECCA ANN LAWRENCE, 27 Jun 1869, Roane Co., WV.

9. SARAH5 GANDEE (URIAH4, URIAH3, GEORGE2 GANTHER/GANDER, HANS JACOB1 GANTHER) was born 1805 in VA, and died 28 Jan 1883. She married CHARLES DRODDY 1829 in Pocatalico (Walton), Kanawha Co., VA.


i. MARY6 DRODDY, b. 1827, VA; d. 31 Jul 1894, Roane Co., WV (Source: Roane Co. WV Death Records); m. JACOB SUMMERFIELD.


iii. CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS DRODDY, b. 9 Oct 1830, Kanawha Co., VA; d. 4 Apr 1903 (Source: Burial:Roane Co., WV, Cemetery readings, comp:Janet Comuzie); m. BELINDA C. WALKER, 25 Jul 1854, Kanawha Co., VA.

iv. MELISSA DRODDY, b. 1831.

v. WILLIAM DRODDY, b. 1835, VA; d. 1 Apr 1901 (Source: Burial:AGLL film V150-308, Roane Co., WV, Cemetery Records); m. NANCY WHITED.

vi. CHARLES ALLMAN DRODDY, b. 1838; m. MARY JANE JARRETT, 13 Sep 1860, Kanawha Co., VA.

vii. GEORGE W. DRODDY, b. 1843, Kanawha Co., VA; d. Abt. 1918; m. MARTHA ANN JONES, 12 Jan 1865, Roane Co., WV.

viii. CALVIN C. DRODDY, b. 1847, Kanawha Co., VA; d. 31 Oct 1925 (Source: Burial:AGLL film V150-308, Roane Co., WV, Cemetery Records); m. MARY C. COUNTS, 30 Oct 1874, Roane Co., WV.

ix. FLOYD E. DRODDY, b. 8 Oct 1850, Kanawha Co., VA; d. 28 Jun 1919 (Source: Burial:AGLL film V150-308, Roane Co., WV, Cemetery Records); m. MARY C. HARLESS, 26 Jul 1875, Roane Co., WV.



i. URIAH6 ALLEN, b. 1825, VA; m. (1) REBECCA UNKNOWN; m. (2) MARY `POLLY' WEST, 14 Feb 1849, Jackson Co., VA.

ii. HENRY D. ALLEN, b. 1 Jan 1827, VA; d. 11 Feb 1907, Roane Co., VA (Source: Birth and Death: Camille Ammerman, Winnipeg, MB, Canada, 6/96.); m. ELIZABETH WEST, 29 Dec 1846, Jackson Co., VA.

iii. REBECCA ALLEN, b. 1829, Jackson Co., VA (Source: 1880 Roane Co., WV, Census S008, R. Ann, 45. Source for children: E. Ann, 7;); m. WILLIAM WESTFALL, 10 Sep 1857, Roane Co., VA.

iv. HIRAM ALLEN, b. 1830, VA; m. REBECCA H. FLENNER, 7 Apr 1870, Gilmer Co., WV (Source: Gilmer County, WV, Marriage Records).

v. MARY ALLEN, b. 1832, Jackson Co., VA; d. 2 Jan 1885, Roane Co., WV; m. ELI HAMRICK, 28 Feb 1851, Jackson Co., VA.

vi. GEORGE ALLEN, b. 1838, VA.

vii. SUSANNA ALLEN, b. 1845, VA.

viii. LEVI ALLEN, b. 1848, Jackson Co., VA; m. MARTHA E. MCCARTNEY, 30 Oct 1894, Gilmer Co., WV (Source: Gilmer Co., WV, Marriage Records).

ix. SARAH A. ALLEN, b. 1854, VA.

11. WILLIAM5 GANDEE (URIAH4, URIAH3, GEORGE2 GANTHER/GANDER, HANS JACOB1 GANTHER) was born 5 Feb 1813 in Old Town Flats, now Meigs Co., Gallia Co (Source: Death, Burial:AGLL film V150-308, Roane Co., WV, Cemetery Rec.), and died 5 Jul 1900 in Roane Co., WV (Source: Roane Co. WV Death Records, 13 Jul 1900). He married MARGARET NANCY CASTO 18 Feb 1836 in Jackson Co., VA, daughter of WILLIAM CASTO and MARTHA PARSONS.


i. WILLIAM C.6 GANDEE, b. 11 Dec 1836; d. 20 Sep 1881, Roane Co., WV (Source: Roane Co. WV Death Records); m. MARTHA C. CANTERBURY, 13 Mar 1861, Roane Co., VA.

ii. CYNTHIA GANDEE, b. 18 Jun 1838, Kanawha Co., VA (Source: Letter: Lee Gandee, W. Columbia, SC, 29169, Aug 1993); m. (1) HENRY S. PATRICK, 17 Jun 1855, Jackson Co., VA; m. (2) BENJAMIN COON, 19 Feb 1882, Roane Co., WV.

iii. URIAH GANDEE, b. 2 Apr 1840 (Source: Death: Letter, Lee Gandee, records of Sarah Jane Damewood.); d. 1 Jan 1844.

iv. FREDERICK GANDEE, b. 31 Jul 1842, Jackson Co., VA (Source: Hardesty's History of Roane Co., WV Enc., v5 p319); d. 30 Nov 1893, Roane Co., WV (Source: Letter, Lee Gandee, records of Sarah Jane Damewood.); m. CAROLINE CANTERBURY, 2 Feb 1864, Roane Co., WV.

v. GEORGE WASHINGTON GANDEE, b. 13 Jul 1844, Jackson Co., VA (Source: Death: Letter, Lee Gandee, records of Sarah Jane Damewood.); d. 16 Mar 1936; m. (1) RACHEL GIVENS, 21 Dec 1864, Roane Co., WV; m. (2) SARAH STRICKLIN, 9 Dec 1899, Roane Co., WV.

vi. MARTHA A. GANDEE, b. 12 Nov 1847, Jackson Co., VA (Source: Letter, Lee Gandee, records of Sarah Jane Damewood.); d. 5 Nov 1922; m. THOMAS C. MARKS, 1 Feb 1866, Roane Co., WV.

vii. JEMIMA GANDEE, b. 9 Mar 1849, Jackson Co., VA (Source: Death: Letter, Lee Gandee, records of Sarah Jane Damewood.); d. 9 Aug 1906; m. SAMUEL LEE, 20 Feb 1868, Roane Co., WV.

viii. JACOB B. GANDEE, b. 30 May 1851, Jackson Co., VA (Source: Letter from Winona Shaffer, Wadsworth, OH. d. 18 Nov 1930.); d. 18 Nov 1930; m. JOSEPHINE SNODGRASS, 22 Oct 1872, Roane Co., WV.

ix. ABRAHAM F. GANDEE, b. 11 Mar 1854, Roane Co., VA; d. 12 Dec 1860, Roane Co., VA (Source: Letter, Lee Gandee, records of Sarah Damewood: d. 12 Dec 1860).

x. ELI GANDEE, b. 4 Mar 1856, Roane Co., VA (Source: Roane Co. WV Birth Records, AGLL Film-V150-254); d. 13 Sep 1860, Roane Co., VA.

xi. JAMES M. GANDEE, b. 15 Nov 1858, Roane Co., VA (Source: Roane Co. WV Birth Records, AGLL Film-V150-254); d. 3 Oct 1860, Roane Co., VA.

xii. SARAH JANE GANDEE, b. 30 Apr 1860, Roane Co., VA (Source: Letter, Lee Gandee, records provided by Sarah Damewood.); d. Dec 1937; m. GEORGE W. DAMEWOOD, 21 Sep 1882, Roane Co., WV.

xiii. LEVI T. OR J. GANDEE, b. 30 Apr 1860, Roane Co., VA (Source: Death: Letter, Lee Gandee, records of Sarah Jane Damewood.); d. 27 Apr 1874, Roane Co., WV (Source: Roane Co. WV Death Records).

12. GEORGE5 GANDEE (URIAH4, URIAH3, GEORGE2 GANTHER/GANDER, HANS JACOB1 GANTHER) was born 1815. He married MARY WESTFALL 30 Mar 1835 in Jackson Co., VA.


i. URIAH JACKSON6 GANDEE, b. 1841, Jackson Co., VA; d. 27 Jun 1919, Kenna, Jackson Co., WV (Source: Jackson Co. Register of Deaths); m. (1) LEAH JONES, 21 Apr 1864, Roane Co., WV; m. (2) MINERVA PARSONS, 20 Feb 1868, Jackson Co., WV.

ii. LUCINDA GANDEE, b. 1842, VA; m. THOMAS J. BATTEN, 15 Dec 1859, Roane Co., VA.

iii. ABRAHAM GANDEE, b. 1844, VA; d. 1930; m. MARY E. RAINES, 8 Sep 1864, Roane Co., WV.

iv. ANNA GANDEE, b. 1846, Jackson Co., VA; m. CHRISTOPHER L. RANDOLPH, 7 Aug 1862, Roane Co., VA.

v. MARGARET GANDEE, b. 1849.

vi. GEORGE W. GANDEE, b. 25 May 1850, Jackson Co., VA; d. 2 Jul 1941; m. CHARITY E. RAINES, 11 Sep 1870, Roane Co., WV.


viii. MARY JANE GANDEE, b. 17 Aug 1856, Roane Co., VA; d. 19 Aug 1937 (Source: Jackson County, Past and Present, 1990, p.142); m. CHARLES LEWIS BURDETT, 12 Jun 1874, Roane Co., WV.



i. ELIHU6 RUNNION, b. 1841; d. 28 Sep 1892, Roane Co., WV (Source: and Marriage:Roane Co. WV Death Records); m. NANCY C. WARREN.

ii. MELINDA RUNNION, b. 1843, VA; m. JONATHAN REYNOLDS, 5 May 1864, Roane Co., WV.

iii. MARGARET A. RUNNION, b. 1845, Jackson Co., VA; m. DANIEL B. WARREN, 26 Sep 1861, Roane Co., VA.

iv. WILLIAM RUNNION, b. 1848, VA; m. SARAH BOLT, 22 Oct 1866, Roane Co., WV.

v. LENOX A. RUNNION, b. 1855, VA.

vi. JAMES F. RUNNION, b. 1856, Roane Co., VA; m. P. HOSKINS, 11 Jun 1881, Roane Co., WV.

vii. EMILY RUNNION, b. 15 Feb 1860, Roane Co., VA.

14. GRACE5 GANDEE (URIAH4, URIAH3, GEORGE2 GANTHER/GANDER, HANS JACOB1 GANTHER) was born 1819, and died Bef. 1849. She married HENDERSON HARPER 30 Dec 1841 in Jackson Co., VA.


i. MARY ELIZABETH6 HARPER, b. 6 Mar 1844, Kanawha Co., VA (Source: Death/Place: Letter/chart from Fran Daniels, Bothell, WA); d. 27 Sep 1922, Kellogsville, OH; m. CLARK W. GREEN, 23 Apr 1861, Roane Co., VA.

ii. ARMSTEAD HARPER, b. 1 Mar 1846, Kanawha Co., VA; d. 15 Jun 1920; m. (1) ISABELL WESTFALL, 4 Oct 1867, Roane Co., WV; m. (2) NANCY DYER, 13 Aug 1914.

iii. DRUSILLA HARPER, b. Nov 1848, Jackson Co., VA (Source: Fran Daniels, says b. Nov 1849. Henderson m. Deborah Westfall, June 1849, so); d. Bef. 1872; m. ALEXANDER ELICK ANDERSON, 21 Mar 1867, Roane Co., WV.



i. SARAH E.6 RAINES, b. 1843; m. SOLOMON D. RUNNER, 25 Apr 1872, Jackson Co., WV.

ii. ELIZA `LIZZIE' RAINES, b. 1846, VA.

iii. ANDREW MARION OR MAINARD RAINES, b. 1847; m. LOUISA ROLLINS, 11 Aug 1864, Jackson Co., VA.

iv. RACHEL M. RAINES, b. 1850, VA.

v. ANN RAINES, b. 1850, VA.

vi. CHARITY RAINES, b. 1853 (Source: and Marriage:Jackson Co. WV Marriage Records); m. HENDERSON WESTFALL, 15 Oct 1874, Jackson Co., WV.

vii. CHARLOTTE RAINES, b. 1853, VA.

viii. JAMES WILLIAM RAINES, b. 12 Mar 1856, Roane Co., VA (Source: Roane Co. WV Birth Records, AGLL film V150-257); m. (1) MARY COON, 28 Mar 1878, Roane Co., WV; m. (2) OLIVE SHOULDIS, 7 Dec 1903, Roane Co., WV.

ix. ROBERT F. RAINES, b. 8 Oct 1858, Roane Co., VA.

x. EMMA J. RAINES, b. 1864, WV.

16. SAMUEL5 GANDEE (URIAH4, URIAH3, GEORGE2 GANTHER/GANDER, HANS JACOB1 GANTHER) was born 25 Dec 1824 in Gandeeville, now Roane Co. WV, Jackson C, and died 16 Feb 1908 in Harmony, Roane Co., WV. He married MARY `MERCY' RAINES 29 Jul 1846 in Jackson Co., VA, daughter of JOHN RAINES and MARY HINSEMAN.

Children of SAMUEL GANDEE and MARY RAINES are:

i. MARY ETTA6 GANDEE, b. 15 Feb 1847, now Harmony, WV, Jackson Co., VA; d. Aft. 27 Jan 1942; m. ELIJAH T. SKEEN, 18 Jul 1869, Roane Co., WV.

ii. MARGARET GANDEE, b. 10 Sep 1848, now Harmony, WV, Jackson Co., VA.

iii. REBECCA ANN GANDEE, b. 29 Sep 1849, now Harmony, WV, Jackson Co., VA; d. 30 Apr 1867, Roane Co., WV (Source: Roane Co. WV Death Records).

iv. ANGELINE GANDEE, b. 29 May 1851, Harmony, Jackson Co., VA; m. PHILIP COX MARKS, 28 Aug 1870, Roane Co., WV.

v. JAMES WESLEY GANDEE, b. 2 Jan 1853, now Harmony, Roane Co. WV, Jackson Co.; m. MARY ANN HARPER, 9 Jun 1873, Roane Co., WV.

vi. EPHRIAM GANDEE, b. 23 Jan 1855, now Harmony, Roane Co. WV, Jackson Co..

vii. JOHN ERVIN GANDEE, b. 25 Jan 1857, Harmony, Roane Co. WV, Jackson Co., VA; d. 27 Jan 1942, Harmony, Roane Co., WV; m. MARY ELLEN DOBBINS, 14 Apr 1892, Harmony, Roane Co., WV.

viii. WILLIAM LEVI GANDEE, b. 15 Feb 1859, Harmony, Roane Co., VA; d. 18 Jul 1927, Harmony, Roane Co., WV; m. CORNELIA J. HARNER, 3 Aug 1899, Roane Co., WV.

ix. SARAH E. GANDEE, b. 24 Aug 1860, Harmony, Roane Co., VA (Source: 25 Aug 1860-Roane Co. WV Birth Records, AGLL Film-V150-254); d. 24 Dec 1940.

17. MARTHA5 GANDEE (URIAH4, URIAH3, GEORGE2 GANTHER/GANDER, HANS JACOB1 GANTHER) was born 1829 in VA. She married JAMES M. FERRELL 21 Sep 1848 in Jackson Co., VA.


i. GEORGE W.6 FERRELL, b. 1849, VA.

ii. SARAH A. FERRELL, b. 1852.

iii. LEVI FERRELL, b. 1854.

iv. RICHARD FERRELL, b. 1858.

18. JAMES STANLEY5 GANDEE (URIAH4, URIAH3, GEORGE2 GANTHER/GANDER, HANS JACOB1 GANTHER) was born 27 Jul 1832 in Gandeeville, now Roane Co.WV, Jackson Co, and died 7 Mar 1925 in Ripley, Jackson Co., WV. He married (1) MARY LEFORCE 24 Mar 1853 in Jackson Co., VA. He married (2) RACHEL FIELDS 5 Nov 1880 in Roane Co., WV, daughter of THOMAS FIELDS and MATILDA KISER.

Children of JAMES GANDEE and MARY LEFORCE are:

i. ELIJAH B.6 GANDEE, b. 1855, Jackson Co., VA; m. L. E. HICKMAN, 10 Feb 1876, Roane Co., WV.

ii. FLOYD C. GANDEE, b. 30 May 1857, Roane Co., WV (Source: Roane Co. WV Birth Records, AGLL Film-V150-254); m. SARAH J. VAUGHN, 12 Sep 1880, Roane Co., WV.

iii. VIRGINIA E. GANDEE, b. 10 Aug 1859, Roane Co., WV (Source: Roane Co. WV Birth Records, AGLL Film-V150-254); m. T. C. SCOTT, 3 Mar 1881, Roane Co., WV.

iv. MAHALA J. GANDEE, b. 28 Feb 1862, Roane Co., VA (Source: and death: Gandeeville Cemetery records); d. 22 Jan 1963; m. NOAH FRANK PENCE, 17 Jan 1881, Roane Co., WV.

v. LUCINDA C. GANDEE, b. 6 Mar 1867, Roane Co., WV (Source: 6 Feb 1867-Roane Co. WV Birth Records, AGLL Film-V150-254); d. 27 Mar 1913 (Source: Cemetery reading: John Gandee, 8-8-1988); m. HENRY CLAY LOWE, 8 Mar 1888, Roane Co., WV.

vi. THOMAS A. GANDEE, b. 22 Jun 1869, Roane Co., WV (Source: Roane Co. WV Birth Records, AGLL Film-V150-254).

vii. CORNELIUS W. GANDEE, b. 14 Jun 1872, Roane Co., WV (Source: Roane Co. WV Birth Records, AGLL Film-V150-254); m. STELLA HARDMAN, 27 Oct 1892, Roane Co., WV.

viii. JOSHUA D. GANDEE, b. 11 Sep 1873, Roane Co., WV (Source: J. D.-Roane Co. WV Birth Records, AGLL Film-V150-254); m. MINNIE F. GREENLEAF, 14 Mar 1900, Roane Co., WV.

ix. STELLA B. GANDEE, b. 26 Apr 1877, Gandeeville, Roane Co., WV (Source: Roane Co. WV Birth Records, AGLL Film-V150-254); m. FULTON S. FERRELL, 25 Dec 1895, Roane Co., WV.






xiv. LEAH GANDEE, b. 16 Jan 1882, Walton Dist., Roane Co., WV; m. D. M. COOPER, 12 Nov 1899, Roane Co., WV.

xv. JAMES H. GANDEE, b. 12 Feb 1883, Walton Dist., Roane Co., WV.

xvi. BLANDIS GANDEE, b. 24 Apr 1885, Gandeeville, Roane Co., WV (Source: Roane Co. WV Birth Records, AGLL Film-V150-254); d. 9 Jan 1981; m. GEORGE NEELY PRICE, 25 Sep 1907, Jackson Co., WV.

xvii. MARY FLORENCE GANDEE, b. 7 Sep 1887, Walton, Roane Co., WV; m. VIRGIL SKEEN, 16 Apr 1904, Roane Co., WV.

xviii. ELVA J. GANDEE, b. 24 Mar 1890, Walton Dist., Roane Co., WV (Source: and Place:Roane Co. WV Birth Records, AGLL Film-V150-254); d. 1955; m. ROY KENNA PRICE, 13 Oct 1907, Jackson Co., WV.

xix. SMITH V. GANDEE, b. 21 Jan 1892, Harper Dist., Roane Co., WV (Source: and Place:Roane Co. WV Birth Records, AGLL Film-V150-254); d. 21 Aug 1892.

xx. JOHN SHERMAN GANDEE, b. 11 Sep 1893, Harper Dist., Roane Co., WV.

xxi. FERNANDO GANDEE, b. 23 May 1896, Bear Fork, Roane Co., WV.

xxii. FRED GANDEE, b. 8 Jun 1899, Higby, Roane Co., WV.

19. JESSE5 GANDEE (LEVI TETER4, URIAH3, GEORGE2 GANTHER/GANDER, HANS JACOB1 GANTHER) was born 1820 in OH, and died 1895. He married MAGDALENA DAUGHERTY 12 Jan 1843 in Jackson Co., VA.




iii. GEORGE WASHINGTON GANDEE, b. 1845; d. 29 May 1863, Killed in action, Dallas, Ga., GA.

iv. NANCY GANDEE, b. 1846; d. 1923; m. EZRA BUSH, 11 Feb 1866, Meigs Co., OH.

v. ABRAHAM C. GANDEE, b. 1848; d. 1929; m. HATTIE AUMILLER, 28 Jan 1883, Meigs Co., OH.

vi. LEVI WASHINGTON GANDEE, b. 1850, VA; d. 1921; m. MARGARET GILLILAND, 18 Jan 1872, Meigs Co., OH.

vii. ISAAC HENRY GANDEE, b. 1857; d. 1909; m. MARY WELCH.


20. GEORGE5 GANDEE (LEVI TETER4, URIAH3, GEORGE2 GANTHER/GANDER, HANS JACOB1 GANTHER) was born 1825 in VA. He married REBECCA CLINE 26 Apr 1848 in Jackson Co., VA.


i. JESSE6 GANDEE, b. 1849, VA.

ii. JOHN W. GANDEE, b. 26 Apr 1853, Pond Creek, Jackson Co., VA.

21. LEVI TETER5 GANDEE (LEVI TETER4, URIAH3, GEORGE2 GANTHER/GANDER, HANS JACOB1 GANTHER) was born 16 May 1834 in VA, and died 12 Mar 1860. He married ALCINDA ADELIA CROSS 21 Jul 1853 in Jackson Co., VA.

Children of LEVI GANDEE and ALCINDA CROSS are:

i. SARAH ANN6 GANDEE, b. 15 Dec 1854, Pond Creek, Jackson Co., VA; d. 20 Sep 1890; m. JACOB LEMLEY, 16 Jan 1876, Jackson Co., WV.

ii. CYNTHIA C. GANDEE, b. Apr 1857; d. 8 Oct 1879, Jackson Co., WV.

iii. JOSEPHINE GANDEE, b. 1858; d. 20 Dec 1876, Pond Creek, Jackson Co., WV (Source: Jackson Co. WV Death records:J. N. Dougherty, d/o___ Gandee); m. JOSEPH DOUGHERTY, 11 Apr 1875, Jackson Co., WV.

iv. LEVI WILLIAM GANDEE, b. 1859; d. 4 Mar 1876, Jackson Co., WV.

22. ANNA5 GANDEE (LEVI TETER4, URIAH3, GEORGE2 GANTHER/GANDER, HANS JACOB1 GANTHER) was born 1844 in VA. She married ISAAC CROSS 6 Feb 1862 in Jackson Co., VA.

Children of ANNA GANDEE and ISAAC CROSS are:

i. GEORGE W.6 CROSS, b. 1867, Jackson Co., WV; d. 1950.

ii. WILLIAM H. CROSS, b. 1869, Jackson Co., WV; d. 1942.

iii. ISAAC D. CROSS, b. 1872, Jackson Co., WV.

23. DAVID SMITH `RIVER DAVE'5 GANDEE (LEVI TETER4, URIAH3, GEORGE2 GANTHER/GANDER, HANS JACOB1 GANTHER) was born Oct 1847 in Jackson Co., VA, and died 1901. He married LEAH D. WHITED 8 Dec 1872 in Roane Co., WV.

Children of DAVID GANDEE and LEAH WHITED are:

i. IDA MAE6 GANDEE, b. 1872, Jackson Co., WV; d. 1939; m. GEORGE W. MILLER, 17 Aug 1893, Roane Co., WV.

ii. DAVID LEONARD GANDEE, b. 6 Oct 1874, Jackson Co., WV (Source: b.Jackson Co.-Roane Co. WV Birth Records, AGLL Film-V150-254); d. 1963; m. DEBORAH PARSONS, 5 Oct 1901, Roane Co., WV.

iii. EFFIE BELLE GANDEE, b. Jul 1877, WV; d. 1929; m. ROBERT J. RAMSEY, 17 Sep 1901, Roane Co., WV.

iv. IOLA GEORGIANA GANDEE, b. 1878, WV; d. 1956; m. ROBERT M. RADER, 18 Nov 1897, Roane Co., WV.

v. WILLIAM ALONZO GANDEE, b. Aug 1880, WV; d. 1950; m. (1) LONA POWELL, 9 Aug 1905, Roane Co., WV; m. (2) ELLA ELKINS, 3 Oct 1909, Roane Co., WV.

vi. MARY JOANNA GANDEE, b. 11 Mar 1882, Wood Co., WV (Source: Roane Co., WV, Birth Records, b. Wood Co.); d. 1957; m. UNKNOWN TOLBERT.

vii. LEVI FRANKLIN GANDEE, b. 30 Nov 1883, Harper Dist., Roane Co., WV (Source: Roane Co. WV Birth Records, AGLL Film-V150-254); d. 1918; m. (1) LEOTA EVANS, 6 Aug 1904, Roane Co., WV; m. (2) NELLIE RADER, 27 Jul 1918, Roane Co., WV.

viii. JESSE MILFORD GANDEE, b. 19 Nov 1885, Red Knob, Roane Co., WV (Source: J. M.--Roane Co. WV Birth Records, AGLL Film-V150-254); d. 1977; m. DELLA POWERS, 26 Sep 1910, Roane Co., WV.

ix. HENRY CLARENCE GANDEE, b. 22 Aug 1887, Harper Dist., Roane Co., WV (Source: Roane Co. WV Birth Records, AGLL Film-V150-254. Or b. 12 Aug.); d. 1971; m. BIDDIE WATSON, 15 Dec 1910, Roane Co., WV.

x. A. F. GANDEE, b. 3 Jul 1889, Harper Dist., Roane Co., WV (Source: Roane Co. WV Birth Records, AGLL Film-V150-254); d. 3 Nov 1889, Roane Co., WV.

xi. A. L. GANDEE, b. 3 Jul 1889, Harper Dist., Roane Co., WV (Source: Roane Co. WV Birth Records, AGLL Film-V150-254); d. 24 Oct 1890.

xii. ROBERT G. GANDEE, b. 1891, Roane Co., WV; d. 20 Dec 1892, Roane Co., WV.

24. VIRGINIA C.5 GANDEE (LEVI TETER4, URIAH3, GEORGE2 GANTHER/GANDER, HANS JACOB1 GANTHER) was born 1849 in Jackson Co., VA. She married ANDREW J. WEST 10 Mar 1870 in Jackson Co., WV, son of CALVIN WEST and PHOEBE CARNEY.


i. ALERYS T.6 WEST, b. 1871.

ii. NETTIE V. WEST, b. 1873.

iii. EFFIE B. WEST, b. 1874.

iv. AMY WEST, b. 1876.

v. LULA E. WEST, b. 1878.

vi. MATILDA WEST, b. Mar 1880.

25. SARAH J.5 GANDEE (LEVI TETER4, URIAH3, GEORGE2 GANTHER/GANDER, HANS JACOB1 GANTHER) was born 1853 in VA. She married MARTIN BONNETT 4 Dec 1879 in Jackson Co., WV.


i. MINNIE D.6 BONNETT, b. 1873, Jackson Co., WV.

ii. CARL C. BONNETT, b. 1876, Jackson Co., WV.

iii. DASY D. BONNETT, b. 1879, Jackson Co., WV.

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