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Leland & Lottie on Horse and Buggy after their wedding.

Family of Leland Archie Guthrie and wife Charlotte August Bonar Guthrie

Census 1940 of Leland & Lottie Guthrie and family

in Indianola Nebraska.

Lottie and her children in 1955

Leah - Gayle - Opal - Ruth - Evelyn
Lyle and Lewis


More than one historian of Angus Co. gives as the current opinion that the Guthrie family is the oldest in the county, but though certainty on this point cannot be confirmed, nevertheless, it is true their records go back to a very early period.

The name is probably derived from that of, "Guthrum" a Scandinavian prince who settled in Scotland at the dawn of Scottish history.

In the year 1299, the Northern Lords of Scotland sent Squire Guthrie to France to desire the return to Scotland from that country of Sir William Wallace and resume the fight against the English. Guthrie embarked at Arboath, landed at Calais, from whence he conveyed Wallace back to Montrose.

The Barony was originally granted by David II to Sir Edward Guthrie, Kings Treasurer who Subsequently obtained a warrant from James III of Scotland under the great seal to build a castle and "Yett," (entrance gate) at Guthrie in 1468. A strong hold undoubtably existed long before that period. The castle with additions has continued to be the family residence up to the present day.

Sir David's son, Sir Alexander Guthrie and his son, along with his 3 brothers-in-law, fell at Flodden Field in 1513.

Sir David's brother, Richard, then Abbot of Arboath, succeeded. From then onward the Guthrie's ' have been prominent in the ecclesiastical affairs of Scotland, there having been 2 Bishops (Moray and Dunkheld) in the family and also in the military and literary fields.

The castle as built originally by Sir David in 1468 consisted of a square tower only.

It is believed the family gave up living in the tower and built a house close by in about 1760.

In 1848, the present Chieftains' great Grandfather, John Guthrie of Guthrie, connected the Tower to the house, resulting in the finely paneled hall and the oak staircase leading to the bedrooms above and the well proportioned drawing room and dining room.

The Yett or iron gate which was the original entrance now hangs at the entry to the wild flower garden.

In the interior there is the hall, library, drawing room, the ghost room, and the tower room. There is also a painting of the Guthrie Bell, which is now in the National Museum of Antiquities in Edenburgh. This bell was in the Guthrie family at an early date and remained at the Guthrie Castle until it was handed over 2 to the Museum in 1922. The bell itself is probably the relic of some important Saint whose fame was handed down until late in the medieval period. It may well date from before the 8th century.

Above the Tower Room is a squash court which was once an old bedroom. From here one can walk around the battlements and obtain a fine view of the surrounding countryside and castle gardens.

There are two gardens adjacent to each other--the walled garden and the wildflower garden. Both face south and are in close proximity to the castle. The gardens draw many visitors in May when they are at their best.

The Chieftains of the castle under the terms of her Grandfather's will, (Col. Ivan Guthrie) is in charge of the future of Guthrie Castle. She stresses the point that she will need every clansmen's moral and financial support to maintain the high standards of the castle.

*The above was written some 20+ years ago. I found The Guthrie Castle on the Internet. It is now owned by Dan who uses the Castle for Business Seminars. For a current Photo tour click Here

(The above information is found in the Guthrie - Fretz book written by Alberta Iola Guthrie Covey daughter of Omer Kem Guthrie.


The compilation of this book has been my dream since World War II was in progress. Perhaps it was in mind before that, but it was at this time I decided this would be a project for the future.

I did not anticipate the passage of 40 years or more before the dream actually became a reality. It was in 1956 that I finally got started in earnest and found the gathering of family information to be a very slow process indeed. Partly because few people were interested in such a family record at that time and partly because it takes lots of time and research. I found in recent years a surge of interest in family histories. Ihe searching of Census records and other sources of information dealing in the past has become a National hobby or maybe a real business would describe it better.

At any rate, I hear the echo of my own desires in this interest of others and I am pushing to get this done. The years are catching up with me.

There will be many empty blanks due to lack of knowledge on my part and my inability to get the information by press time. There may be some discrepancies in correct dates and some misspelling of names, but I believe the main family line can easily be followed and hope that we have put it together in such a way that most any member can trace their heritage back to the late 1700's and even further.

I do not believe a family line is ever complete. It is a living, on-going spirit. 'Ihis book has been designed with that thought in mind.

This book was started from information recorded in the family Bible of John Edward Guthrie and Mary Ellet Fretz. It was then worked back as far as conveniently possible at this time and forward to the present.

Most information has been proved and the compiler has a supply of information in a personal file in her possession which I will share if anyone desires to contact me.

I have tried to collect information on other branches of this family tree, but mostly it concerns my direct line, John Edward Guthrie and Mary Ellet Fretz being my grandparents.


Alberta has passed on, but she left her family a living memory of her family. One of her books is in the possession of Mauri Davenport Gandy - Great granddaughter to John Edward Guthrie & Mary Ellet Fretz. (maurigandy@yahoo.com)

The John Guthrie Family
Left to right: Kim, Rod, Lee, Ed & Jake
Flossie. John, Maude, Minnie, Mildred known as Midge.

Sod house that I believe John Guthrie built

Born: December 1, 1861, Warren County, Iowa
Moved with parents to Custer County, NE. in 1878.
After marriage, homesteaded the home place.
Married: December 27, 1885 at Round Park in Valley County, NE.
Died: September 23, 1933, Stockville, NE.
He was a farmer and member of Christian Church. He and his wife joined in 1892. They moved to Frontier County in 1901 by covered wagon.

Born: August 28, 1866, Rockland Township, Venango County, PA.
Died: January 17, 1938, Stockville, NE.
Mary Ellet Fretz may be Mary Elliott Fretz according to her son, Jesse V.

Born: October 5, 1886, Woods Park, NE.
Married: Bessie Mae Slater

Born: May 4, 1888, near Comstock, NE.
Married: Angie Pearl Smith

Born: September 18, 1890, Comstock, NE
Married: Charlottie Bonar

Born: October 12, 1892, Wescott, NE.
Married: Maude Mae Urling

Born: August 23, 1895, near Comstock, NE.
Married: No.

Born: February 24, 1898, near Comstock.
Married: James Zoar Conklin.

Born: March 9, 1900, near Comstock.
Married: George Hopwood.

Born: July 10, 1903, Havana, NE.
Married: Lewis Kirk.

The name " Ellet" may have been "Elliott" some older family members believe this may have been a misspelling in the old family Bible. There are Elliotts listed in the census records along with Ftetz and Smith but here again no records available to make a connection.

The following is information about the children of John Edward Guthrie and Mary Ellet Fretz, who were married December 271 1885 at Round Park, Valley County, Nebraska.

William Edwin Guthrie was born October 5, 1886 at Woods Park, near Comstock in Custer County Nebraska, on his father's homestead. He moved by covered wagon with the family, to near Stockville, Nebraska in 1901. He was united in marriage to Bessie Mae Slater, December 24, 1908 at McCook, Nebraska. He was a farmer, and also worked on the railroad. He passed away March 15, 1969 and is at rest in Memorial Park Cemetery, McCook, Nebraska.

Edwin and Bessie raised six children: Doris Lydia; Enid Louise; Wilma Ellet; William Edwin; and Phyllis Darlene.

Rolland Albert Guthrie was born May 4, 1888 near Comstock, Nebraska, and moved with the family to near Stockville, Nebraska in 1901. He married Angie Pearl Smith, April 19, 1909. To this union three sons were born: Floyd DeWayne; Caylon Laverne; and Ardath Arundale. "Rollie, as he was called, was a farmer; later took up barbering, and finally became a Chef, working in North Plate and Ogalalla. He was separated from his wife and spent his last days with his brother Jesse, in Arapahoe, Nebraska. He passed away at the Oxford Hospital, June 17, 1964. He was laid to rest in the Curtis, Nebraska Cemetery. He too spent all of his life in Nebraska.

Leeland Archie Guthrie was born August 18, 1890 near Comstock, Nebraska. He married Charlotte Bonar, March 10, 1916, at Oberlin, Kansas. To this union eleven children were born: Thelma Augusta; Carl Willard; Lloyd Melvin; Dean Preston; Leah Mae; Gail Francis; Lyle David; Opal Marie; Lewis Archie; Ruth Carol; and Evelyn Joyce. Leeland departed this life May 29, 1955, at Indianola, Nebraska. He was a mason and carpenter by trade, but also did some farming in his earlier years. Most of his married life was spent in Indianola.

Omer Kem Guthrie was born October 12, 1892 at Wescott, Nebraska, in Valley County. He was married to Maude Mae Urling, September 15, 1915 at Beatrice, Nebraska. Kem spent most of his life in the farming business. First. about eight miles south and west of Stockville, NE., where he built A new Bungalow type home for his family in 1919. The family remained here until March of 1944, when the family moved to near Wilcox, NE., later moving to Ragan. Kem and Maude retired to Alma, Nebraska until they both passed away. He'.. died April 6, 1966, at the Alma Hospital and she August 28 , 1974 at the Holdrege Hospital. They are buried at the Alma, NE., Cemetery. There were fifteen children born to this union: LaVerne Odell; Alberta Iola; Geraldine Isabell; Garnett Mae; Alpha Winifred; Omer Kem, Jr.; Florence Caroline; Thelma Viola; John Henry; Wayne LeRoy; Cecil Eugene; Dale Clinton; Harold .Merlyn; Eleanor Faye; and Myrna Loy.

These all grew to adulthood and an auto accident took Myrnas life in December of 1959. Harold lost his life in a pickup-car accident in July of 1983.

Jesse Vern Guthrie was born August 23, 1895 near Comstock, Nebraska. Jesse never married but stayed home and helped his father with farming. He served in the Army in World War I. Jesse played the violin and accordion. Often playing for dances; accompanied on the organ and piano by his sister, Flossie. He loved to trap and hunt, and was much beloved by his many nieces and nephews.

When his parents died, the place was sold and he moved to Orifino, Nebraska; later to Arapahoe; and finally to Evans, Colorado, where he spent the last two years of his life with his sister, Mil.dred. He is at rest .in the Curtis, Nebraska Cemetery.

Mildred Alma Guthrie was born at Comstock, Nebraska, February 24, 1898. She was married to James Z. Conklin at her home near Stockville, Nebraska, June 17, 1917. To this union three sons were born: Chester LaMoine; James Zoar Jr.; and Franklin John. They made their home in a sod house near Stockville, Nebraska, and later moved into a frame home. They lived there on the farm until 1931 when they moved to New Raymer, Colorado; later to Greeley in 1939.

She was a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints. She helped in the compiling of this Guthrie Family History. She passed away May 13, 1980, at the Weld County Hospital in Greeley, Colorado; and is at rest in the Sunset Memorial Gardens near Greeley.

Flossie Viola Guthrie was born March 9, 1900 near Comstock. She married George N. Hopwood, July 10, 1945, in Norton, Kansas. There were no children. Flossie loved flowers and music. She was very artistic and was much loved by all. Young people especially. She married late in life, staying home to help Jesse care for her aging parents. After their deaths, she married and made her home near Curtis, Nebraska. Having suffered rheumatic fever as a child, she suffered heart trouble, and passed away January 8, 1955 at the McCook Nebraska Hospital. She is at rest in the Curtis, Nebraska Cemetery.

Maudie Minerva Guthrie was born near Havanna, in Frontier, Nebraska, July 10, 1903. She married Lewis Leeland Kirk.

March 16, 1929 in McCook, Nebraska. To this union four daughters were born:Viola Ann; Mary Belle; Millie Cora; and Roberta Jean. This family lived in Colorado near New Raymer for awhile; then moved back to Stockville: Nebraska. Lewis was a farm hand and later became a self employed painter. He also worked at the Hastings Ordinance Depot for many years.

Maudie passed away October 25, 1943 at Stockville, Nebraska. She had suffered Rheumatic fever as a child and was left with a diseased heart. She died quietly in her sleep at home. She is at rest in the Stockville, Cemetery.


Mary ELLET Guthrie
Mary E. Guthrie was born in Venango Co.Penn. Aug.28,I866 and passed away at her home near Stockville, Nebr. Jan. I7, I938 at the age of 7I years, 4 Mos. and 20 days.

She moved with her parents to Valley Co. Nebr. In March of I883. On Dec. 27, I885 she was united in marriage to John Edward Guthrie She leaves to mourn her passing; eight children, William Edwin of McCook, Leland Archie, of Indianola, Rolland Albert of North Platte Omer Kem and Maud Kirk of Stockville, Mildred Conklin of New Raymer Colo. Flossie and Jesse at home. She leaves 4I grandchildren and IO great grandchildren; I living sister Mrs. Mildred Snider of Qrifino Idaho; 2 living brothers, A.C.Fretz of UnionTown Kansas and George Fretz of Comstock Nebr. She united with the Christian Church in I892 and was a faithful Christian all her life. She was a kind and loving mother and a wonderful neighbor,

A dear one from us now is gone
A voice we loved is stilled,
A place made vacant in our home
That never can be filled.

Mothers life on earth is ended,
Her troubles and cares are done.
The angels came and took her away
And we are left alone.

No not alone the Savior is with us
all the day, and he knows every heartache
And will guide our every way.

Obituary Mr. Guthrie united with the Christian Church in I892 and lived a faithful life. He was a loving husband and a kind and loving father, a good neighbor and a loyal citizen.

The first Guthrie picnic was held in the Arapahoe park, planned and carried through by Bessie Guthrie and Mildred Conklin in August of 1958.

At this time, the picnic had not been organized as an annual affair. This took place in 1959 after a chance remark by Chester Conklin that he thought an annual, 'Get together', for the Guthrie's would be a good idea. Agreeing that it was a good idea, Alberta Covey took the responsibility of organizing a family reunion for the following year of 1959. This first get together at Kelly Park in McCook boasted an attendance of over 80 present.

It is a sad fact that although Chester conceived the idea of an annual family reunion he was unable to attend any of them due to a serious illness which resulted in his death August 22, 1961.

The annual Guthrie Picnic was abandoned in 1980, because the attendance had dropped down to include only the Kem and Lee Guthrie Families. However, the Kem Guthrie family gather every year on Memorial Monday at the Ragan Nebraska Gym and there is a standing invitation for any Guthrie interested to attend.

William Preston Guthrie and family
Susan Catherine Hodges Guthrie.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

(Update - May 30, 2003)

I have received updated information from Dennis L. "Woody" Guthrie

Thomas Guthrey

Click on name to download zip file on Thomas Guthrey
married: Sara Oakes - Mother was Elizabeth Oakes

i. Susanna Guthrey

ii. Alexander King Guthrey

iii. Elizabeth Guthrey
iv. Francis Guthrey
v. Henry Guthrey
vi. William Guthrey
vii. John Guthrey
viii. Sarah Guthrey

Alexander King Guthrey

married: Sarah ?

i. Benjamin Guthrey

ii. Alexander Guthrey
iii. Elizabeth Guthrey married ? Davis

Benjamin Guthrey

married Frances ?
i. Benjamin Guthrie (below)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Unconfirmed records say he was born in Scotland. Date unknown at this time. Married December 31, 1812 in Woodford, Kentucky by minister John Edwards.

(Franklin, Kentucky)
Born: 1822

Born: 1824
Died: 1904
Married: Johnson White

Born: 1829
Born: 1829

Born: April 19, 1833, Woodford, Kentucky
Married: November 2, 1854, Susan Hodges
Died: August 5, 1921, Comstock, NE.

This material was furnished by Margaret Bristow (Allen). Confirmed by 1850 census of Franklin County, Kentucky.

Martha Jane Guthrie married Johnson White. They had four girls. One, Henrietta, was the mother of Margaret Allen who lives in Greenfield, Missouri, Route 2. It is from her that some of the material was obtained. She was 83 years old in 1968.

Born: April 19, 1833, Woodford, Kentucky
Died: August, 5, 1921, Comstock, Nebraska
Married: November 2, 1854.
He was 5'10" tall, light hair and blue eyes. He owned slaves and a plantation in Kentucky.

Born: June 10, 1838, Kentucky
Died: August 29, 1882, Comstock, Nebraska

CHILDREN Born: January 7, 1856, Kentucky
Died: November 27, 1895
Married: H. Lewin

Born: November 1, 1857, Kentucky
Died: December, 13, 1880
Married: Jack Wellans

Born: December 1, 1861,.Warren, Iowa
Died: September 23, 1933
Married: Mary Ellet Fretz, December 27, 1885

Born: December 16, 1863, Marion, Iowa
Died: May 28, 1938
Married: Irene May Shirley, July 3, 1890

Born: November 8, 1867, Marion, Iowa
Died: October 30,-1954
Married: Wallace Dye

Born: December 4, 1868, Marion, Iowa
Died: January 1, 1953
Married: Druzelle Grove 1891

Married: Andrew Liebert

Died: In Childhood

Died: In Middle-age, Hastings, NE


William Preston Guthrie, Co. B., 34th Regiment, Iowa. Enlisted into Infantry as Captain. No previous record, so how rank as captain was obtained is unknown. Enlisted at Hartford, Iowa for three years on August 11, 1862. Age 29, Blue eyes, light hair and complexion. He was 5'10" tall. Mustered into service October 15, 1862.

Resigned in St. Louis, January 28, 1863, because of dysentery and unfit for Service. Honorably discharged January 30, 1863. William Preston, according to older family- members may have owened a plantation in Kentucky at one time. I have not been able to verify this, also was said to own slaves. Records were hard to read but other names listed with his were plantation farmers and owned slaves so it could very well be true. Here again the Civil War fires may have played a part in destroying records that may have given us some substantial answers.

On the Guthrie history we found that many records were lost when the courthouse was burned in Woodford Co. during the Civil War. There are many Guthries listed in the census records but cannot at this time make connections to go back any further than Benjamin Guthrie.



(This is a great Guthrie family website. It contains Lawrence R. Guthrie's book "American Guthrie and Allied Families.") (NOTE: Book Two - Page 334 is significant due to the information concerning William Guthrie of Mill Creek Hundred, New Castle County, Delaware. William had a son named Adam Guthrie who was born in 1752.


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