William D. HODGES

Birth: 16 Apr 1816, Tennessee

Death: 8 Dec 1857, Wood Co., Tx

Occupation: Farmer

Spouse: Jane GILBREATH

Birth: 14 Jan 1819, Adair Co, Ky

Death: After 1880, prob. Bowie Co., Tx

Marriage: 26 Jan 1837, probably Henderson Co, Tennessee


Mary Elizabeth HODGES

Francis Manerva HODGES

Susan Jane HODGES

Martha Rosaline HODGES


Tabitha "Bitha" HODGES

Harriet HODGES


Malinda Ellen "Linn" HODGES

Nancy Elender HODGES

William Hodges was born in 1816, in Tennessee. Nothing else is known of his early life. Research seems to indicate that his middle name was Daniel. On the 1830 McNairy Co, Tn Census are five families of Hodges. Three all have sons in Williams' age range. the other two are young men not old enough to have been his father. Two of the first three, William C. and Daniel B. are living close enough to probably have been related, perhaps father and son. If this is the case, we can eliminate them, as there would not have been two sons named Daniel. The last of the five, and only a few pages away on the census, is Jesse Hodges. He has a son between ten and fifteen, our William's age group, and strangely enough appears to have been the Jesse who later migrated to Hunt Co., Tx. All of the others are found in 1850, still in McNairy Co, although some children of William C. did migrate to Titus Co., Tx; and a daughter Elizabeth Hodges Hamrick Minton and her second husband were living in Rusk Co in 1850. The only other Hodges families I located in 1830 Tenn do not have a male of the correct age. Again, strangely, they were living in the same county as Andrew Gilbreath, my William's future father-in-law. I can only conclude definite relationships between all of these families; but cannot specify my William's branch.

William married 26 Jan 1837* probably in Henderson Co, Tn. His chosen bride was Jane GILBREATH, daughter of the above mentioned Andrew and Mary (RICHARDS). Andrew and Mary had left Kentucky and settled for a time in Henderson Co, Tn. This may have been where William and Jane met and eventually married, but no official marriage record has been located. William and Jane began their long trek to East Texas, sometime after the birth of their second child in Aug 1838, and before 1840, where they are found for the first time on the census records in Tippah Co, Ms. On this census, he is listed as William D., age 20-30 with a wife in the same age range, and two young daughters under 5. Here they remained until the birth of their seventh child in 1849.

In 1850, William and Jane were in Rusk Co, Texas with the seven children. They were counted twice on this census, once on 12 Oct and again on 19 Oct. The second instance they are in the household of a Wiley and Nancy Copeland. One can only guess as to the circumstances that took them from their own home. Perhaps they were in the process of moving to Wood Co at the time as W. D. Hodges is listed on a tax roll there in 1851. If there was a relationship with the Copelands, evidence has not yet been found. Their 8th child, Ruth, my maternal great-grandmother, was born in 1851, in Wood Co. William died in 1857 in Wood Co. It is not known where he is buried, although some think in the vicinity of Pine Mills, or possibly in the Holly Springs area. At any rate, in 1860, Jane is a widow with 8 children to support, farming land valued at $1000. They were located in the Holly Springs Post Office District at the time of the census. In 1870, Jane is living next door to her son's family in Precinct 5, with 3 of the younger children still at home. Living in the county are other Hodges families from Tennessee; one in Quitman Precinct, and one in Winnsboro, relationship, if any, not known. In 1880, Jane and her youngest daughter Nancy are living with her son Joel and his family in Bowie Co, Tx. In the same household are Marcellus and Elizabeth (Hodges) McCurry with their children. The date of Jane's death and place of burial are not known. According to one descendant, she is buried at Pine Mills, in Wood Co. If so, I have not located a marked grave. It is more likely she is buried somewhere in Bowie Co, probably in the Baker Family Cemetery with other Hodges' family members. *Marriage date from Joel Hodges bible Note: It is my strong belief that the aforementioned Jesse Hodges is related to my branch, possibly the father of William. I have yet to find the link, but research indicates a strong possibility of relationship.

Mary Elizabeth HODGES

Birth: 31 May 1838, Tn

Death: After 1880, Bowie Co., Tx

Burial: Baker Family Cemetery, Bowie Co., Tx

Father: William D. HODGES

Mother: Jane GILBREATH

Spouse: Marcellus MCCURRY

Marriage: 8 Oct 1858, Wood Co., Tx

Note: See McCurry Family for list of descendants.

Francis Manerva HODGES

Birth: 7 Sep 1839, Tn

Death: 9 Apr 1905, Wood Co., Tx

Burial: Rock Hill Cemetery, Wood Co., Tx

Father: William D. HODGES

Mother: Jane GILBREAT

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Born: 1805
Born: 1806

Born: 1836, Kentucky
Born: June 10, 1838 KY
Born: 1840
Born: 1844
Born: 1846
This information obtained from l850 census of Franklin County, Kentucky. Confirmed by family members.
This record was compiled by Alberta Guthrie Covey.

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