Gandy Biographies

You may submit a biography on one of your Gandy Ancestors for our updated Gandy Genealogy book.

Current Bios in the 2006 Edition are:

Calvin K. Gandy
Charles M. and Agnes J. Erickson Gandy
Clayton Gandy
Francis Marion & Louisa J. McCurry Gandy
Francis Marion & Zilpha Groom Gandy
Frank C. & Lina Isabel Gandy
George S. Gandy
Harry Luther Gandy
Horace Cleveland Gandy
James D. Gandy
John Henderson Gandy
John Oxford Gandy
Robert Lumkin Gandy
Thomas Melton & Hettie Frances Gandy
Vallie & Ora May Gardner Gandy
W. Mitchell Gandy
William Alfred Gandy
Zeta Gandy

New Bios for 2007 Book are:
Billy Joe Gandy
Book A. Gandy of South Carolina
Daniel Ross Gandy early settler of Sabine Parish, LA
Green William Gandy early settler of Polk Co., FL
Captain Thomas Neal Gandy early settler of Thomasville, GA
Special Story on Pvt. William Calvin Gandy who died during WWII
Also included are updated records on the newly connected lines of Franklyn Dallas Gandy, and Leroy P. Gandy Please contact us if you would like your family line and a bio of a Gandy included in the updated version.

Deadline November 1, 2006

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