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    We want to make these E-books affordable to everyone. Therefore we have decided to divide "The History of Gandys in America" E-book into four differant volumes. You can buy one E- book a month until you have the whole set, or just purchase the volumes you desire. Plus when you buy all 4 volumes you receive Gandys of England FREE.

    Gandys of England $24.99
    Gandys in America Vol 1
    Gandy Book Vol 1
    Gandys in America Vol 2
    Gandy Book Vol 2
    Gandys in America Vol 3
    Gandy Book Vol 4
    Gandys in America Vol 4
    Gandy Book Vol 4
    Early Gandys in America
    62 pages for only $24.99. Less than
    49 cents per page!
    Gandy Pictures & Biographies
    56 pages for only $34.99.
    Beautiful Heirloom!
    Footprints in 21 States
    65 pages
    State Records for $24.99.
    65 pages loaded with
    Resourcesfor Only $24.99!
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    Vol 1 ~ "Early Gandys in America" gives the history of the first Gandys who lived in America. This volume is 52 pages and sells for $24.99 by electronic file. (Less than 49 cents per page)

    Vol 2 ~ "Gandy Pictures & Biographies" This volume is full of colorful pictures of Gandys, Biographies and information of cities, places, and companies named Gandy. 56 pages for only $34.99

    Vol 3 ~ "First Gandy Footprints in 21 States" This 65 page volume is loaded with information on Gandys who have been discovered in different States including North & South Carolina, New Jersey, West Virginia, Indiana, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, New York, Maryland & Texas. Only $24.99

    Vol 4 ~ "Gandy Documents & Court House Records" There are 65 pages of documents recorded in court house records, cemeteries, marriages and births. This book will help you research your Gandy family line. Only $24.99

    Vol 5 ~ "Gandys of England" ~ Gandy lineage in England, Documents and stories of the Gandys of England. This book includes the Gandy Coat of Arms, and is Only $24.99

    Each volume is sent out by electronic file to your email within 24 hours of receiving payment. Please email us after making payment so that we are notified immediately.

    We offer special designed family pages to add to your Gandy Book Vol 2 "Gandy Pictures & Biographies".
    The charge is only $10.49 for each page that we design for your book. Examples are: A Biography of a Gandy family member, A page of your family pictures, Your Gandy Family Tree of direct ancestors, and your Gandy Family Tree of your Descendants. (Please send your pictures and written biography with your order. CLICK HERE TO View Our personal Gandy page.

    We offer a printed version of "Gandys of America". Cost is $229.95.
    Plus a shipping, insurance and handling charge of $12.95.
    Total of $242.90.
    Vols 1-5

    *Please allow 10 days from date of order until shipping.

    Book 1 includes a Certificate of Registration. CLICK HERE to view Certificate.

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    Ordering “Gandys in America” in ebook form is much cheaper because you do not pay for the printing, shipping, and handling costs.


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