Francis M. & Louisa J. Gandy

From The Bosque County HistoryBook

by Elgin Gandy

F.M. Gandy was born in Tennessee in 1833, and died in 1903. He was married to Louisa McCurry, born in 1833, in Alabama, died in 1922, in Bosque County. They were married on 1854, being the first couple to marry in Bosque County, This was before the county was organized, and they obtained their marriage license in McLennan County. They were married by Jasper A. Mabray, Justice of the Peace of McLennan County. They were married under a large oak tree believed to be about where the Pool place is south of Clifton.

He is listed as a war veteran having seen services in Louisiana and Arkansas with the Confederate Army.

Louisa (McCurry) Gandy was a charter member of the Meridian Methodist Church. Her husband joined a short time later. As quoted in "Adventure of a Ballad Hunter" by John A. Lomax in Boyhood in Bosque County he quotes:

"Frank's father (F.M.) was "powerful in prayer" and was called on to pray at climatic moments when a little extra urging was needed. I remember one striking statement "Oh Lord", he would plead, "finger around their heart strings with the finger of Thy Love".

To this family six sons were born: J.M., John, William R. (Billy), Frank, Tom and Horace, and one daughter, Mandy.

Louisa (McCurry) Gandy's father was one of the five commissioners appointed in Austin to locate the, Bosque County Seat. He was also the builder of the first court house. He is also listed as purchasing the first town lot in Meridian.