From The Bosque County, TX History Book

By Elgin Gandy

Frank Gandy (1866-1922) was the fourth son of F. M. and Louisa. (McCurry) Gandy. He was married to Lina Isabel Burdett (1871-1949) They lived all of their married life in Bosque County. The following children were born to this couple near Meridian:

Charles, Maurice Gandy (1886-1970);
Robert Lumpkin (Lum) Gandy (1888- 1974);
Nola Etta Gandy (1890-1919);
Emma Ida Gandy (1891- 1974);
Ella Vernon Gandy (1895-1926);
Jesse Terrell Gandy (1897-1902);
Herbert Leonard Gandy (1899-1930);
Ethel Ann Gandy (1901);
Minta Erva Gandy (1903-1921);
Olive Estell Gandy (1904-1905);
Gladys Alberta Gandy (1906-1977);
Josephine Aline Gandy (1909).

The Frank Gandy family lived on different farms near Meridian during his life time, always near town so he could go and talk "Politics". He was interested in the various candidates running for off-ices from public weighter to the President of the United States. He let his preferences be known loud and clear who he was for. Candidates that gained his support were usually the winners. He was Democratic Chairman of Bosque County at the time of his death and had held that position for several years.

He died after a lingering illness. Being a religious man, as well as a politician, he made preparations for his funeral while confined to his bed. He chose the minister, the songs to be sung and by whom, as well as his pallbearers, who were: H. L. Little, Clifton; Newt Fallis, Clifton; Charles Romine, Valley Mills; Jim Brown, Meridian; Henry Latimer, Meridian; Sherman Graves, Flag Branch (near Iredell); T. Mitchell, Iredell and Dennis Alsup, Spring Creek or Help, near Iredell.

His greatest wish in life was for his sons to be elected to county offices. He kept stressing to them, that if they would gain the support of his selected pallbearers that they could be elected to any county office they might choose. This, Charley and Lum apparently did, as Charley was elected county clerk in 1924 and Lum was elected county tax assessor in 1928. At that time it was believed they were the only two brothers holding county offices at the same time in the State of Texas.

At that time little was known of the At that time little was known of the "Gallup Polls", if they existed. Candidates running for various offices were interested in how they were doing in certain sections of the county, as well as countywide. They would go to him frequently to see what he thought of their chances and how they were doing. If he didn't already have an opinion he would tell them to wait a few days. He would then contact his future pallbrearers and make a determination. Usually his predictions were accurate. He didn't Pull any punches, good or bad; he told them what he thought would happen on Election Day.

At that time there were a lot of "monetary wagers" made on the outcome of the different races by the "Sporting Men" (as he called them) in the county. The gamblers that were in Frank Gandy's good graces usually reaped good winnings when the election had been decided on Election Day.