In the Gandy Genealogy book and Gandy's in America Vols. I, II, III & IV. we included several pages to record your Gandy Fun Facts. On this webpage we will post some answers that you submit to us.

Oldest Gandy to live............ So far our winner is John Oxford Gandy who lived to be 108. Gandyville Florida was named after him in 1973. We have been told that Ephraim Gandy lived to be over 100. He was over 90 in the 1840 census records. Zeta Gandy died in 2005 at the age of 103.

Current oldest Gandy ...... Mmmmmmmm ... I know William "Bill" Ashley Gandy turned 90 on October 30th 2005!!! He is from the James D. Gandy branch.

Can anyone claim to be older?

Speaking of Oldest. Who was the oldest Gandy to get married for the first time?

And who was the youngest Gandy to get married?

What Gandy couple had the most children?

It could have been Daniel Ross Gandy who had 3 wives and it appears at least 19 children. However the book "History of Savannah and South Georgia" by William Harden Volume II says "The immigrant ancestor of the Gandy family was twice married. His first wife bearing him twelve daughters, while his second wife became the mother of twelve sons." Does anyone know which Gandy ancestor he speaks of?

Which One couple had the most children?(no 2nd spouses included)

Strange and Funny Gandy first names?

Females: Armazinda, Aurilla, Getsy, Hortensia, Ingalia, Tamieko, Pascal, Zenobia, Temperance, Pleasant, Mourning, and Spicey
Males: Asbury, Atlantic, Austin Texas, Chiries, Greenberry, Otho, Polk, Relbue, Rhoedolphus, Zebulon, Shadrack, and my favorite.... Meshack Abendego Gandy
Add your favorite.

Most popular Gandy names: John, William, James, Thomas, Edward and Francis/Franklyn.

Who can trace a first name repeat for the most times in one family line?

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