Gandy Companies

Current companies that we have located with the name


Gandy Inc.

Founded by: E.S. "Gandy" Gandrud in 1936
Location: 528 Gandrud Road, Owatonna, MN 55060-0528
Business type: Farm equipment and supplies

Gandy's Dairies

Founded by: LeRoy Gandy
Location: PO Box 992, San Angelo, Texas 76902
Business type: Dairy Products
Website: None found

Gandy Dancer Videos

Founded by: Unknown
Location: Colorado
Business type: RailRoad Videos

Past Gandy Companies

Gandy Industries

Founded by: Roy Irwin Gandy in 1930s - 2001
Past Location: Macon, Georgia, USA
Business type: Maker of the famous Gandy Pool Tables

Gandy Ship Yard

Founded by: Thomas Gandy in 1790s
Past Location: Cape May, New Jersey
Business type: Ship builder

Gandy Belting Company

Founded by: Unknown around 1930s
Past Location: 149 Church, New York, NY
Business type: Belting, leather & rubber products

Gandy Medical Company

"Dr. Gandy Cough Syrup"
Founded by: Unknown - Dr. ? Gandy
Past Location: Reading, PA
Business type: Cough Syrup

J. M. Gandy Photographer

Founded by: J. M. Gandy early 1900s (Possible Joseph)
Past Location: Marshall, MN
Business type: Photography

M Gandy

Founded by: M. Gandy
Past Location: Cape May, New Jersey
Business type: Dairy Farm
Click HERE to view Picture of M. Gandy Milk Bottle
owned by Cape May Court House

More Gandy Names

Gandy Dancer Electrically powered Hand Car Railroad Toy
by: Bachmann HO

Gandy Quest ~ Game on Internet

Gandy Beach in Florida

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