Jeff Gandy

My name is Jeff Gandy and I currently reside in Arizona (Phoenix area)

but my family is all from northern Missouri.

My dad's name:

Dale R. Gandy


Robert Gandy

Calvin Gandy

Kenneth Gandy


Dolores Gandy (married Floyd Rock)

I am attaching a file I created from a book excerpt that my father sent me some time back. I am organizing some things about my family and I will post those to you as I get them together.

Good Luck!

Jeffrey Allen Gandy
son of Dale R. Gandy
son of Calvin K. Gandy
son of Robert M. Gandy and Elizabeth Wallace
son of Isaac F. Gandy amd Elizabeth Maskell
son of Abijah Gandy III and Rebecca Harris
son of Henry Harris Gandy Sr. and Tamson Fetts Garrison
son of Abijah Gandy and Mary Sheppard
son of Aaron Gandy and Elizabeth Lore
son of Thomas Gandy III.
son of Thomas Gandy Jr.
son of Thomas Gandy Born in England and Died in 1725 NJ

Calvin K. Gandy, a prosperous farmer and stockman of Clark township, was born in Chariton County, July 10th, 1882, the son of Robert M. and Elizabeth (Wallace) Gandy.

Robert M. Gandy was a native of Dekalb County, Ill., and a leading citizen of Chariton County for many years, having come here in 1876. During the Civil War Mr. Gandy ran away from home and enlisted in the service, as his father was opposed to having him enlist. His first purchase of land in Chariton County consisted of 40 acres and at the time of his death Mr. Gandy owned 360 acres of well improved land. He served as a school director and clerk for 15 years and also as a road overseer. He took an active interest in the affairs of his community and always stood for the betterment of conditions. He died Sept. 20, 1919 and is buried at Locke Cemetery, Clark township.

Mrs Robert M. Gandy was born in Pennsylvania in 1863, and came to Missouri with her parents when she was 18 years of age. She now resides in Clark township. Mr. and Mrs Gandy were the parents of the following children;
Willie Margaret Todd, lives in Clark township; Calvin K., the

subject of this sketch; Laurinda Maude, lives at home; and Robert Wallace, at home.

Calvin K. Gandy spent his boyhood on his father's farm and received his education in the district schools. He now owns and operates a well improved farm in Clark township and carries on an extensive dairy business. Mr. Gandy has seven registered Jersey cows. He also has a number of registered Durock Jersey hogs. He is an extensive feeder and shipper of stock and is well known throughout Chariton County as an excellent farmer and stockman. Mrs. Gandy raises chickens successfully and has about 250 on hand.

Mr. Gandy was married on July 28th, 1920, to Miss Grace Gertrude Sines, a native of Illinois, born April 19, 1896, and the daughter of Silvetus and Jeanette (Chance) Sines, the former a native of Columbus, OH and the latter of St. Joseph, MO. Mr. and Mrs. Silvetus Sines had four daughters, as follows: Icy May, lives in Illinois; Josie Belle Baughman, lives in Illinois where she is a teacher; Francis Ann, and Mrs. Gandy.

Mr. Gandy is identified with the Republican Party in politics and is a member of the Masonic Lodge at Westville. He has an extensive (unreadable word) in Chariton County, and is recognized as a dependable citizen.

Letter from my father, Dale R. Gandy; 2/22/98

Three brother's came to Missouri, two of them, Robert and Jack settled in Chariton Co. One broother went on to Oklahoma. Robert Gandy married Elizabeth Wallace. They had four children,
Kirk, Maude, Willie and Robert Gandy.

Maude and Robert never married. Willie married Frank Todd and Kirk married Grace Sines. They had six children. Bob, Delores, Kennith, Calvin and Dale. The other child died at birth. Robert Gandy is your Great-Grandad. He fought in the Civil War and is buried in Lock Cemetery South of Marceline. Kirk Gandy is your Grandad and is buried in Smithville, Mo.

Jack Gandy the other brother had two children.

Wayne and Mary? not sure. Mary's maiden name was Cleaton. Wayne and Kirk Gandy married sisters from Avon, ILL. Grace and Frances Sines. Their Father's name was Silvetus Sines of Avon. He is your Great Grandfather and is buried in Avon, Ill.

Your Great Grandmother's name was Jenette.

He [Silvetus] also fought in the civil war. Silvetus was a carpenter and built the first Beth Pell church that I belong too. It burned during the civil war, they rebuilt it in 1890 and is now torn down.

Wayne had three children Jack, Ronald and Lowena. The children of Robert and Jack Gandy are the only Gandy's that we are related to you for sure. I knew Raymond Gandy from Rothville, we always claimed the as 25th cousins. They were good people. Love Dad

Jeffrey Allen Gandy