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"Mauri's most recent stories on being a widow
written during her disheartening journey of living
without her husband J. Craig Gandy.

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My Time With God - How To Pray

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My prayer time 50 page book was written and designed just for women. Each page has cute graphics that will enrich you as you spend personal time with God.

Some stories from "Blending A Family Without Resorting to A Veggie-matic"

Daughter of God - Chapter One
"Blending A Family Without Resorting to a Veggie-matic"

Military Vision on Craig from God ~ 8/20/1993

Drawing Close to God ~ 2/28/94

Mauri's Memories

More Than A Memory Letter 1988 from Mauri

Serenity ~ Trusting God with your children

Reflections from Mauri's Heart - February 2008 Newsletter to Just 4 Kids Members

God's Love ~ April 27, 2010 and April 7, 2011


Riding on the Black Horse (Unicorn)

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Love God 2/ 28/94

Prophecy from God on our family ~ Feb 1996 and being fulfilled today.

~ Always Daddy's Little Girl ~

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When There Is No Wind For Your Sails


Looks to the horizon
Sees the colors warm
Feels the softness enter
Chase away life's storms

Twilight is upon her
Heart is light and gay
Stars are brightly twinkling
Such dazzle in bouquet

Moment of such pleasure
Alone yet not alone
Upon the sill she ponders
This is now her throne

Majestic lights are dancing
The stage has now been set
Spirit now is dancing
Such graceful pirouettes

Time is on her side now
Thoughts are racing through
Treasured is this moment
A time she will renew

Soft the breezes flow now
They help her move along
Within a fleeting moment
The vision of new dawn.

~ Poetry by: Francine Pucillo ~
´┐Żused with permission
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October 16, 2007

Pictures of Craig and Mauri at Hutto Event May 2014 / Jamie and Mauri at Ables on Lake Austin August 2014