August 23, 1998

Dear Gandy Descendants & Friends

Last month I wrote a Gandy Trail story on our Gandy line that traveled from New York to Alabama to Tennessee to Arkansas and finally Texas. After sending out the July newsletter I found some state logo's on the internet. This caused me to use these logos to start creating State Sites with Gandy information and names of Gandys that lived in these states. This new project is taking a lot of time, but it is a lot of fun. So far I have worked on New Jersey, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas, and Tennessee. As I work on each state I research what websites are available for researching Genealogy in that state, and I try to find the county that Gandys lived in, and if they are listed in their records and webpages. I have also contacted some of the State Genealogy sites to let them know that we have Gandys listed who lived in their area. I am hoping that they will add a link to our site. Each page is taking hours and sometimes a few days for me to create. I really like New Jersey. Click and Take a look! If you would like to add to any of these pages please email me with the information you have. I have discovered that when it comes to Genealogy and the recording of our ancestors history it is up to us, the descendants, to get the information out there. The difference in my direct line of Gandys getting in the History books or an uncle's line is which branch cares enough to get the information typed and out there. It is a great feeling when you see your ancestor's name and history in print for others to read, and you know you were very instrumental in getting it there. If you know of a midi file for a state song, please let me know. To view the Gandys state page of links Click on the flag

One evening I came home from work to find a wonderful email from C. D. Gandy. He sent me the gravestone listings he had of Gandys in East Texas. I immediately began working on adding this information to the Texas site. After working on it for about an hour my computer froze, so I got off, and took a break for an hour. When I got back on the internet to finish adding the finishing touches...there was another email from another Gandy descendant who was elated to find a missing link of her family. She found the new information I had just added! I could not believe what I was reading. I was not even sure that I had created a link to the new page, so I had to check the site to see if the link was really connected. I was amazed that someone would access information that fast. Internet websites are just awesome in my book!!!! I just had to share that story with all of you. It will probably never happen that fast again.

Anna Herbertson has suggested a page on our site that lists Gandy information that she and other Gandy researchers have found on Gandys, but we do not know to which branch they belong. She suggested calling it Orphan Gandys, but so no one has the impression that these are real Orphans I think we'll just call it the Missing Branches!!!! So if you too have any information on a Gandy name you found in your research just send it and mark the REF: "Missing Branches" Click on branch above. I will also list the many daughters with Gandy as a maiden name who the descendants can not find their father's name on this page. If you notice I have not posted something you sent me, PLEASE remind me again. I have been experiancing trouble with my email, and have lost some of the emails in my database.

Gandy Researchers Quiz

of the Month

I am asking anyone, expecially the more advanced Gandy Researchers, to read the Letter from J. L. Gandy dated 1918 that is posted on the website under Letters, and send me the names of the three brothers that he speaks of that came to America and settled in New Jersey, West Virginia, and Alabama. I will post each researchers answers in next months newsletter with their name. I have my answer, but would like to see if everyone agrees. Let me know If you have a question for our next newsletter.


Each month I type a quick overview of the queries for the month. NOTE: If you contact or are contacted by another Gandy researcher with information PLEASE send me a copy so that I can update the Gandy site with the information. Sometimes researchers get the information they need and forget to update records for others trying to make connections. Please share what you learn, so we can all benefit. Remember this site and information is FREE and our time is spent to help all of the Gandy Researchers!

This month queries are:

Mon, 27 Jul 1998
I have a brick wall at the entrance of Temperance Gandy in my genealogy search. She is a GGGgrandmother. I do not know when she was born or died. She married Pharaoh Poppell Senior. He was born in 1784. Possibly in South or North Carolina. Their first son, Jordan Poppell was born in 1811 indicating that they may have been married about 1810. Their last son was born in 1824. His name was Brinkley Gandy indicating that he was named for an uncle or a Grandparent. That is my dilema and if you can help I would certainly appreciate it. I feel that I am finally on the right track with the emergence of a Brinkley Gandy.It remains to fit her in the right family. Perhaps someone will stumble on that one little bit of information I need. Thank you for your interest in genealogy and your help
Ben Poppell

Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998
From: Doug
Hi: I just discovered your 'Gandy" web site.
I am a decendant of B Hampton Gandy of South Carolina 1812 & his wife [depending upon the sourse] Tina A Vienna ........ also 1812 of SC. They moved to AL about 1830 and had a mess of kids. Samuel, Rebecca, Hampton [2], Theodore, Abanda [sp?] and Amanda. Hampton [2] was born about 1839 in AL. His daughter [Ruth?] Laura Katherine Gandy wed Thomas H Hastings in Esc co. FL 29 May 1872. Hampton [2] lived a long life and was known as 'Old Man Hamp' by my grandpa who was born in 1901. I have only proven some of this and would appreciate any help you could provide.

Dear Doug: I took my notebook of letters that I have received from Gandy descendants over the last 3 months, and found your B.H. first in a Butler Co. Alabama Query Page. It said that his name was Brinkley Hampton (which is what I was looking for since this name was in my memory). The query was by Deloris Gandy. I had written her about the Gandy page and she sent me a list of names of descendants from Brinkley, and there is B. Hampton Gandy listed as a son of Meshack Gandy and Axcy Whiddon. Meshack was the son of Brinkley Gandy born in 1744. Brinkley is listed under our First Generation Gandys. The father of Brinkley Gandy was Edward, but there were 3 or 4 Edwards and the descendants are not sure which one was the we did not list Edward as first generation. Melba Gandy also wrote a book on Brinkley Gandy. I have added your information to the Brinkley descendants which I am forwarding to you, and a Later Generation for Brinkley Hampton. Thanks for all of your help. I have also added your email to the descendants of Brinkley and to our Gandy Online-Newsletter. Love Mauri Gandy

Date: August 5, 1998
From: Joe Cook
I am searching for the parents of Viola Gandy. Born about 1860 in Alabama? She married Lee Stinson and they had at least one child: Ethel M. Stinson. If anyone has any information on Viola please email me: Joe

Date: August 9, 1998
From: Richard Gandy
Does anyone have information on William Henry Gandy born 02-29-1896 in Texas. William had 10 children. Please email me Richard

Date: August 11, 1998
From: Darlene Biscamp
I am searching for the parents of Sally Nazry Gandy who married Daniel Herbert Smith Sr. on August 24, 1904 in Jasper Co., Texas. She was born on Jan 29, 1888, and had a twin sister Mattie Racheal Gandy. Mattie married John Quincy Smith on July 13, 1904. Sally died May 18, 1969, and Mattie died July 13, 1983. If anyone has any information on this family I would be so happy to have it. Darlene


Welcome aboard to new members:
Joseph E. Cook, descendant of Viola Gandy, 1860 Alabama.
Richard Gandy, descendant of William Henry Gandy, Feb 29, 1896, TX
Kim Hutto Holley descendant of Edward Gandy
Ben Poppel, descendant of Temperance Gandy. See querry above
Nancy Leak Flack, descendant of Job Gandy & Alice Ruth Gandee,see July's query
Douglas Morren,B. Hampton Gandy linked to Brinkley Gandy, see query above.
and J. Cast a descendant of Thomas Gandy, waiting to receive list of descent.
If the names above are underlined, you can click to their new pages added to the Gandy Gathering Genealogy.

Our FIRST GENERATIONS Section is our most important contact with new visitors coming to our site. Almost all of the First Generations have a list of descendants. By the next newsletter I hope to have all of the lists compined on one list with links for each name to the first generation link the name is on. Please send me any names you have that are not listed here.

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Be sure and send me any information you would like added to this site. I am always finding more data to add so keep checking back. If you would like for me to add any Gandy data please email me! If you know someone who should be added to our monthly newsletter please send me their email address. We now have over 60 Gandy descendants who receive this newsletter and July's newsletter was accessed 65 times! So everyone must be reading it...Thanks!!!!

Till next month --Keep the information coming!!--We Love You
Your Cousins J. Craig & Mauri Gandy


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