July 19, 1998

Dear Gandy Descendants & Friends

The Gandy Gathering Genealogy site has had another month of successful stories. Just the other day I received an email from a lady who found our website through a search engine. She was searching for a Gandys from Lavaca County, Texas. That evening I opened my three large Gandy notebooks full of Family Trees, Genealogy stories, copies of the Gandy Gazette Newsletters, and email letters from my Gandy friends. I emailed her query to the researchers of the Lavaca County Gandys . The next morning I had a reply! To add to the excitement, the lady who replied had found our site just two months ago and made contact through our site to Carolyn Shelton. Carolyn gave her information she needed to further her search. One of our first queries was Marjorie Freeman searching for a branch of her family. The unanswered questions were discovered when Rita Prettyman, a descendant wrote to tell us her grandmother was raised by her Uncle B. P. Gandy after her great grandmother died of TB. The children left the area with their wonderful Uncle Gandy. Now this Gandy branch is a little fuller and alot happier finding each other. That is the purpose of this Gandy WebPage and I am always encouraged when new links and branches are discovered!! To read the exciting letters and more questions they still are looking for. See Letters Another success story - Jeff A. Gandy submitted wonderful history on his ancestors Robert M. and Calvin Gandy. These are listed in the later generations. We were able to help Jeff connect all the way back to Thomas Gandy.


Each month I will type a quick overview of the queries for the month.

This month queries are:

Charles Saxton Gandy

Kathy Ford Drake cruised in searching for her ancestor, we were able to link Charles to John Gandy. So added to this First Generation Branch is her Charles Saxton Gandy. We welcome you aboard Kathy!

Shadrach (Shadrik and Shadrick) Gandy

Posted by Melba Gandy on July 15, 1998 at 18:49:06:
Does anyone out there have any information about this person, who lived in Society Hill, S.C. (Cheraws Districe/Darlington County) 1780-1810? Would love to correspond. A descendant of Shadrach, Linda Gandy Thomas, who does not have e-mail but has done some very good research on her family, would be interested in this information. Also, neither of us have found anyone else working on this line, although there are many descendants. I just thought we might hook up with others with whom we can exchange info. Thanks. ............Melba Gandy
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Jobe Gandy m. Ruth Gandee 1852 KY

Posted by Anna Herbertson on June 20, 1998 at 07:12:38:
Ruth Alice Gandee, b. 30 Jul 1828, OH, d/o Abraham Gandee and Mary Runyon, m. 5 Jan 1852, Lewis Co., KY, Jobe Gandy/Gandee. They soon left for Yoho Co., CA, where they are found on 1860 census. Need any information on Abraham and Mary and who were Jobe's parents?

Anna Herbertson
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Peter Gandy

Seeking ancestors on South Jersey Gandy line. Peter Gandy married Margaret Woolford Dec 16, 1803
Dean S. Martin
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Myrtle Gandy

Need to know if Myrtle GANDY who was born June 20, 1895 and died April 1975 in Gatesville, Coryell County is she the daughter of Martin VANBUREN and Sarah FOX MCDANIEL. Would anyone have access to her obituary. If she is, I also need information on her husband. I am researching the ancestors and descendants of David J. MCDANIEL. Martin and Sarah MCDANIEL daughter, Myrtle, married a GANDY. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Email: Bobby McDaniel


Welcome aboard to new members:
Rita Prettyman, descendant of Daniel Gandy of Edward Gandy
Ginger Montague, descendant of Brinkley of North Carolina
Frank Gandy, descendant of Franklin D. Gandy a new First Generation
Dean S. Martin, descendant of Peter Gandy a new First Generation
Karen Fletcher, descendant of James C. Gandy, a new First Generation
Jeff Allan Gandy, descendant of Thomas Gandy
Kathy Ford Drake, descendant of John Gandy
and Bobby McDaniel, descendant of Myrtle Gandy, needs to know her father's name


Each month we will feature a new branch of the Gandy family and their research stories. Since I am just now asking for your stories.... I have written the first story. Now it is your turn. Please submit your stories as soon as you can. If I do not receive a story I will be contacting some of you!!! Click on the Trail logo above.

I saw a comment by R. Turney on the Gandy Genforum about a footrace between his great grandfather and Mr. Gandy to name a new town that was forming in Alabama. I asked him to write us the story his ancestors passed down ...it is real interesting even if you are not a descendant of Edward Gandy. To read this story click on the winners name!

Our FIRST GENERATIONS Section is our most important contact with new visitors coming to our site. When someone new finds us the first place they search is the first generation links. I have received mail from visitors who were disappointed because they could not access the link. Some of the sites we linked to had moved to a new page or site location. So to make it easier on the visitors I am in the process of listing all descendants that we have data on under the first generation. At the bottom of the page you will find links and more information. I hope this will help all of us. If you do not see your branch listed under your First Generation please let me know. I am about 2/3 finished adding the information that I have.

Many new first generations are bring added, due to the new members. REMEMBER, the purpose of listing the FIRST GENERATION is so researchers can notice a name that they have parent information on. Then we can add their data to your generation.

*Portrait Room - Pictures of Gandy ancestors are filling the walls of this room. If you have a portrait please send it to me by attached email or snail mail address J. Craig & Mauri Gandy, 722 Fir Lane, Marble Falls, TX 78654.

*Gandy Researchers - Many have written requesting to be placed on a Researchers list for other Gandy descendants to contact you. The guestbook was a good place to find other researchers, and the Query page is another good place, but we wanted a special list of those who have spent extensive research time on the Gandys. So a special Guestbook was added for our serious researchers. You can add information yourself. We are finding that this new guestbook site is taking a long time to make contact. So be patient and go pour a cup of coffee or tea.

* Gandy BillBoard. I have been asked to post information on Family Gatherings, "Reunions", Picnics, Births, Deaths, Graduations, New Gandy Genealogy Books, or Favorite recipes.. just about anything you would like to post for all Gandy Descendants. Feel free to post New "News" on this Billboard. A Gandy Reunion was held in Eastland Texas last month. Click on Gandy Billboard above and read the Reunion Report by Don Robbins. Thanks Don for the wonderful news on the reunion.

Quicker Access:
*To make it easier for you to return for a quick visit, don't forget the table chart with most of the listings. As soon as the first few lines are downloaded you will find under the first paragraph "Click Here for Quick Overview Table Chart". I am really trying to make it easier and quicker for you to access files! I have two large notebooks full of pages and links that I have downloaded from this site, and I have not downloaded all of the links! Plus one notebook full of email letters from Gandy researchers.

Be sure and send me any information you would like added to this site. I am still woking on Census of 1860, and that tremendous task of listing every Gandy name we have information on.

Till next month --Keep the information coming!!--We Love You
Your Cousins J. Craig & Mauri Gandy


Newsletter July 19 1998