June 19, 1998

Dear Fellow Gandy Genealogist

The Gandy Gathering Genealogy site has been running smoothly. We took our vacation, and came back ready to add some new features, Plus start a monthly Gandy Newsletter to all of our members. As most of you know Craig & I have both started Christian Ministry websites, with a monthly Newsletter called Lighthouse Letters. Most of our Gandy friends and researchers have been added to that monthly Newsletter, and since I have so much fun with it, and I have always written Newsletters I decided to also write a Monthly Newsletter for our Gandy Gathering Genealogy Site. I will try to get it out around the middle of each month. Anyone want to add to the news or if you have any suggestions please let me know.

This letter and all future letters will be posted on the GGG website! See GGG Newsletter or for a direct link http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Pointe/1462/newsjun.html.


*Portrait Room - Pictures of Gandy ancestors will fill the walls of this room. If you have a portrait please send it to me by attached email or snail mail. For snail mail address email me.

*Gandy Researchers - Many have written requesting to be placed on a Researchers list for other Gandy descendants to contact you. The guestbook was a good place to find other researchers, and the Query page is another good place, but we wanted a special list of those who have spent extensive research time on the Gandys. So I have added a special Guestbook for all of you who want to be added. This way you can add information yourself. After all this site is for everyone and we want you to be able to add your information, queries. So be sure and add your name to the list!

* Gandy BillBoard. I have been asked to post information on Family Gatherings, "Reunions", Picnics, Births, Deaths, Graduations, New Gandy Genealogy Books, or anything you would like to post for all Gandy Descendants. Feel free to post New "News" on this Billboard. A Gandy Reunion was held in Eastland Texas last weekend, I hope Don Robbins will post a report from this Reunion on our billboard. Thanks Don for the idea of the Billboard, I wish we could have made the reunion!

I finally added a counter, to keep track of how often this website is used! It started at 0 today!

Quicker Access:
*To make it easier for you to return for a quick visit, I have created a table chart with most of the listings. As soon as the first few lines are downloaded you will find under the first paragraph "Click Here for Quick Overview Table Chart". I am really trying to make it easier and quicker for you to access files! I also started a chart for other Gandy ancestor websites. You will find this button above "First Generations". Now you can choose which way you would like to access you files. I have two large notebooks full of pages and links downloaded from this site, and I have not downloaded all of the links!

Each month I will type a quick overview of the queries for the month. Our last query is from Winnie Bell searching for parents of Jonathan Gandy. Please read through the Queries this month, and I will mention all new ones next month. I am still slowly working on a listing of all names in this website, but this is taking more time than I have right now. Most of the website links have their Gandys listed Alphabetically. So be sure and check out each site if you are looking for a special name.

Two old genealogy letters are on the site, one is from Don Robbins a descendant of Meshack Gandy. I also received a wonderful packet of information on Gandys from Frandley, England after 1566 to 1743. Katherine Gandy Richardson was a descendant. She and Isaac are listed under Early Immigrants. Thanks go to Dave Jowitt for all of this information. You can find some of the information under First Generations - William Gandy.

Be sure and send me any information you would like added to this site. I am still woking on Census of 1870, and tombstones. But most of the information that I have is already added. I am always finding more courthouse records available on the internet, so if you run across a Gandy name in one of your searches. Please let me know! If you know someone who should be added to our monthly newsletter please send me their email address, and if you change your email address please let me know. mgandy@tstar.net

Till next month ---- Love Your Cousins J. Craig & Mauri Gandy

Newsletter June 19 1998