September 23, 1998
The Gandy "Electronic" Newletter

Dear Gandy Descendants & Friends

Last month I asked everyone to give their opinion of who they thought the three brothers were who came to America and spoken of in the letter dated 1918. The letter was written by J. L. Gandy to M. C.(Meshack) Gandy of Texas. Well.........I have received no input, so I will start with what I have. Since J. L. and M. C. Gandy are from the Britain - Edward (3)Branch, We can be sure that one of the brothers was either Britain or his unknown father. Britain's second wife was Mary Holland, widow of Thomas Holland. Edward was their only son, and he died in 1780. Edward had a son Amos who was the Great grandfather of J.L. Gandy (Letter writer), and Edward had another son, Brinkley whom we believe was an ancestor of M. C. Gandy We also know that Amos' descendants moved to West Virginia, and Brinkley and his descendants moved to Alabama. The letter states that the families moved to West Virginia, Alabama and New Jersey. Nowhere can I find any descendants of Britain that were born or who settled in New Jersey. The New Jersey branch of Gandys are descendants of Thomas and Uriah Gandy who came to America (Cape May, NJ) about 1690. So does this letter link Thomas & Uriah Gandy to Britain Gandy who we first find in North Carolina? Melba Gandy in her research of the North Carolina Gandys concludes that Britain, Ephraim and Edward (2) were brothers, but I do not believe these were the three brothers mentioned in the letter. Could it be speaking of their father, and his brothers? Are is it an earlier generation? The next step is to try to find who Britain's father was, and if he was a brother to Thomas and Uriah Gandy. Does anyone have anything to prove or disprove this theory? If you have any notes or stories left behind by your ancestors please email me with them.

I have received so much information from all of you! This site is already one of the best one surname study sites available on the internet, and it is due to everyone sharing their information and records of Gandys.

- Have you visited the newly created State Sites with Gandy information and names of Gandys that lived in these states. This new project is taking a lot of time, but I have received numerous contributions from other Gandy descendants who have added data to the state they have researched. This month Kathy Drake has send lists of dates for Mississippi and Georgia and Alabama Gandys. If you have information of Gandys in a State that I have not started, and you send me information...then I will start on that page, and I will credit your name on the bottom of that page. To view Alabama . Click and Take a look! To view the Gandys state page of links Click on the flag Anita Kimball sent me the words written in the marriage of Lemuel Gandy. So I turned it into a beautiful page with floral borders. Take a Look. If you would like me to work on one for you just send me the data.


Doris Hightower announces her NEW genealogy book on "The Descendants of Wyatt Arnold, 1848-1998" It's hardbound with a dark-marble green cover & 450 satin matte pages, 150 pic's from 1860's to the present. It does contain the descendants ofJames R. Gandy, a branch of Gandy's that came from AL to TN finally settling in IL. James R. Gandy was in the second generation (the grandson) of Wyatt Arnold. Due to a limited printing, I am taking pre-paid book orders now. The book is due to be back from the publishers by mid. November. It is $55.00 & an additional $5.00 per book for S&H. Please include your complete mailing address. Anyone interested may write or can email me at the address below. I think is is a book you will be proud to add to your library.

Doris M. Hightower
5095 Hwy 192
Holladay, TN

If you would like to announce a book or reunion, etc let me know by the 15th of October so I can place it in next months "electronic" newletter.

Anna Herbertson has suggested a page on our site that lists Gandy information that she and other Gandy researchers have found on Gandys, but we do not know to which branch they belong. So if you too have any information on a Gandy name you found in your research just send it and mark the REF: "Missing Branches" Click on branch above. I will also list the many daughters with Gandy as a maiden name who the descendants can not find their father's name on this page. This month Melba Gandy noticed two descendants on this file, and linked them to her Branch. They are Temperance Gandy and Sally Nazry Gandy.

Gandy Monthly Researchers Quiz

This month I am asking for the names of the three nephews mentioned in the Mississippi Gandys history by Jane Gandy Sharpe. She stated that John Jonas Gandy and three nephews left Cheraw, South Carolina. Working their way southwest doing railroad construction. One nephew settled in Alabama, one in Louisiana, and John Jonas and his brother Noel settled in Jones County, Mississippi. She had not uncovered anything to prove the uncle/nephew relationship, but it was generally accepted. This would have taken place prior to 1840. Anyone ready to help me take on this new challenge? Email me with any stories or details. I think we can do this one with so many researchers receiving this newsletter! Let me know If you have a question or unsolved Gandy mystery for our next newsletter.


Each month I type a quick overview of the queries for the month. NOTE: If you contact or are contacted by another Gandy researcher with information PLEASE send me a copy so that I can update the Gandy site with the information. Sometimes researchers get the information they need and forget to update records for others trying to make connections. Please share what you learn, so we can all benefit. Remember this site and information is FREE and our time is spent to help all of the Gandy Researchers!

This month queries are:

10 Sep 1998 01:05:59 EDT
I am researching my JACOBS line. One of my great aunts (Diadamona) married Lemuel Gandy in SC and moved to Alabama. Do you know of any JACOBS marriages in your tree?
Happy Hunting!
Anita Jacobs Kimball

From: Mary Howard
from: New Jersey
Comments: Would appreciate any information on the family of Auria Gandy who married John Stephenson in the 1880's. Sign Time: August 26 1998 at 17:05:05

From: Mona Hura
Looking for information on James and Jane DeLoach Gandy who was married in 1845 in Harris Co., GA.


Welcome aboard to new members:
Ed Gandy, descendant of Brinkley Gandy
Mary Howard, descendant of Auria Gandy,
Anita Jacobs Kimball, related through Lemuel Gandy,
David Knight, Mississippi Gandys,
Matthew Gandy,
I am a descendant of Sam Gandy, who settled in East Texas. Does anyone have information on him?

If the names above are underlined, you can click to their new pages added to the Gandy Gathering Genealogy.

Our FIRST GENERATIONS Section seems to be working very well. Please take time this month to make sure you and your family are listed on the descendant page. If your earliest Gandy descendant is not listed, or your names are not listed send me the lineage and I will glad to add you.

*Portrait Room - Pictures of Gandy ancestors continue to fill the walls of this room. This month Debbie Hutto sent be so many pictures that I made a room with just her family branch. If you have a portrait please let me know and I will tell you how to upload the pictures.

Be sure and send me any information you would like added to this site. I am always finding more data to add so keep checking back. If you would like for me to add any Gandy data please email me! If you know someone who should be added to our monthly newsletter please send me their email address.

Till next month --Keep the information coming!!--We Love You
Your Cousins J. Craig & Mauri Gandy


Newsletter September 23 1998