James D. Gandy:
Looking for Parents of James D. Gandy. We found James D. Gandy in the 1850 Arkansas Census. His son Francis M. Gandy came to Texas in 1851. Later James brought his younger children to Meridian, Texas where his oldest sons, Francis M. and John W. Gandy lived. James had children from two wifes. I have not found either of their names, nor where the other Gandy children went. There are two half brothers (Commodore Gandy born 1857 Arkansas, and James Gandy born 1862 Arkansas), four sisters (Martha Gandy born 1835 In Tennessee, Jane Gandy born 1838 In Arkansas, Nancy Gandy born 1841 In Arkansas, and Susan born 1843 in Arkansas. There were also two half sisters, ( Elizabeth Gandy born in 1846 in Arkansas and Mary Gandy born in 1856 in Arkansas). Their father James D. Gandy was born in New York on December 6, 1796. He died in Meridian, Texas on October 23, 1873. Both wifes preceded him in death. James left behind four young children. I have not been able to trace them, if anyone knows what happened to this family, or has any information please email me. Sincerely, Mauri Gandy

Seeking information on the ancestors of the Phebe GANDY that married David CASTO in 1752 in Cape May County, New Jersey.

Jim Casto

The Casto Story and Collections - 2000
Jim Casto
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In Seaville, Cape May County, New Jersey there is a Seaville Friends Cemetary that has some GANDYs buried therein. Here are the names:
Cemetery records of:
Society of Friends Meeting, Seaville, NJ
John Gandy - b. 7/15/1740 (no death date)
Lydia Gandy - b. 11/17/1752 d. 1828
Children of Thomas & Elizabeth Gandy Sr.
Births & Deaths
From 1801 to 1820

Who are these people and who are the children of Thomas and Elizabeth named? And if this is Thomas Sr., who is Thomas Jr.?

Jim Casto

The Casto Story and Collections - 2000
Jim Casto
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We are trying to find information about FANNIE GANDY of LAVACA COUNTY, HALLETSVILLE, TEXAS who married James Samuel Freeman. (The 1880 Census said age was 32 widower, school teacher, boarder, sick with a fever, Kentucky birthplace). He married Fannie Gandy in 1882 and they had a daughter OLLIA. Then we found a marriage of JAMES SAMUEL FREEMAN to ANNA EINKAUF (Georgianna) with a son LIBY EDMUND FREEMAN (My husband's father) 1891 and a daughter LEATHA M. FREEMAN on his death date Jan 22, 1894 from pneumonia said to be caused by going in the Lavaca river to rescue packages floating as a result of a train wreck on the tressel bridge in town. We want to know what happened to FANNIE GANDY and OLLIA. Anna Einkauf Freeman remarried three additional times and had more children and step-children so little history was passed down. James Samuel was J.S. Freeman on both marriage licenses. Please let us know if you have any information on this family. Thank You Marjorie Freeman

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The lines I'm researching are:
James R. Gandy AL/TN/IL (his lines will be in my book due out in 1998, ARNOLD / GANDY connection.) James R. Gandy was born in 1822 in AL, and died in 1864 in IL. He was the son of Elizabeth Arnold and ? Gandy.
James' children were:
1. James Aaron Gandy
2. Harriett Ann Gandy
3. Amos Jackson Gandy
4. Armazinda Jane Gandy
5. Samuel Gandy
6. Mary Margaret Gandy
7. William Gandy

These people and their descendants will be listed in my book. I would like to be in touch with anyone researching these people.

Email me at Doris M. Hightower
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John Jackson Gandy, born December 1847. I believe he was the son of Wiley R. Gandy of Alabama.
Jack married Julia E. Rutledge in Texas.
They had nine children:
2 unknown infants
Sallie Maude Gandy - married Charold T. Hightower (My husbands line)
Oscar Wylie Gandy - married Jennie ?
Earle Gandy - married Russell Pynes Max Dence Gandy - married Josephine ?
Martha Gandy (never married)

I would love to be in touch with any of the descendants fo this family. The family has totally lost touch with these Gandy's. My father-in-law remembers a reunion back in the 1930's when he was a boy, but doesn't remember anything of genealogy help

Dewitt moved to Arkansas & operated a drugstore in the 1950's (I'd like to know where & his family's names.)
Joe W. (Cooncreek) was in the Texas State legislature & was a writer, (I'd like to know more about him & his family).
I have lots of notes & information on their people, but also many unanswered questions.
My husband's great grandmother, Sally Maude Gandy died young, at age 33, in 1908, and no one is living to answer my questions on her family.

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My great great grandfather, (The Reverend James Hunter Gandy born 1825), had a brother who settled in Ireland, as he was in the army there. His name was George Gandy (born 1836). He had five children, two of whom went to New York, and then settled in Washington. Their names are George Edward Paxton Gandy, born December 9, 1873, and Charles William Douglas Gandy, born November 22, 1874. Does anyone has access to a Washington Census that might show whether these guys married and raised families? Any light you can throw my way would be appreciated. Regards,
Susan Gandy

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Hello I am Bob Stevens

Here is a sample of where I fit into the Gandy Family.
There was a Gandy family in Troy Davis Co. Iowa during the 1860's and also over in York Co Nebraska in the 1870's. Gandy was one of the original Settlers in York and his house is still standing tho it was moved. I found a death notice for Lemuel Jason Gandy born 1840 died 1932 in York and am getting more info on him. It was Samuel Ellis b abt 1845 son of Amos Gandy who married Sarah Savanna St Clair Abt. 1866 in Davis Co. Iowa she was the sister of my Great grandmother Rachel St Clair. Thirza St Clair the other sister married William Harrison Gandy b March 31, 1839 in Preston, W VA on October 12, 1865 in Davis Co. Iowa. ---------

I have the line back to W VA. Even tho I am not a direct descendant I feel a kinship thru Rachel and Her sister's Thirza and Sarah. I have just recently received info on the Zinns who married into the Gandy family. I also have information on Gandee as well. I'll send you some reports on what I have.
Bob Stevens
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"If a Tree doesn't have DEEP ROOTS it is easily blown over by a Strong Wind"

Researching:Augenstein*Batdorf*Bowen*Burger*Curry*Daniels*Davison*Drescher*Feurt*Feus s*_Filson*Flower*Fort*Gandy*Gates*Gildow*Gordon*Graves*Green*Howell*Kildow*Kildau* Lennox*__Lenox*Linex*Lincoln*Montgomery*Noel*Newell*Oak*Oakes*Philson*Philpson*Po ague*Pogue*_____Pattorf*Potter*Potterf*Pound*Rowland*Sell*Shroyer*StClair*StJohn*Steph ens*Stevens*Stoltz*Thrasher*VanDusen*VanDyke*ET_AL

I am looking for the Father of Brinkley(1) Gandy born 1764 in Edgecom Co, NC and died 1832 in Butler Co, NC. at age 68. There is another Brinkley(2) Gandy born 1744 in NC and died 1832 at age 88. Is this Brinkley(2) is Brinkley(1)'s father, they died the same year. There is some talk about an Ephraim Gandy being Brinkley(1)'s father, but no proof as yet. Any help would be other email address are: or

Dear Kevin: Thanks for the link to Brinkley Gandy in your data base. I am sending you email addresses on other Brinkley descendants, and I look forward to seeing your data base grow with more descendants! Melba Gandy wrote a story on her research of the North Carolina Gandys. Click on "research" or find it under Gandy Stories. Melba answers many questions on Brinkley. Edward, Ephraim, John, Britain/Britton, Ishom/Isom, Isham/Isum, Alston, Albritton and Foster Gandy and their relationships to one another. I hope this will help you. Mauri Gandy

From: Eric & Cindie Snell"

I am looking for the parents of Henry Vanburn GANDY.
HENRY VANBURN GANDY, b. Feb 29, 1884 or before (on a leap year) in Van Buren, Arkansas. He had siblings named:
His spouse was MATTIE OLIVE CONDIT (born in Arkansas).

Children of Henry Vanburn Gandy were:
ROY FRANKLIN GANDY b. 11-24-1904 in Pryor, Oklahoma

Roy Franklin Gandy married Elsie Lee Watts (1-25-1909) on 4-6-1929.

There was a book published in approx the 1940's called something like "Condit's Cousins" which may hold valuable information about this line.

Any informaton on these names or the book mentioned would be extremely helpful and appreciated.
Thank you,

Cindie (Gandy) Snell
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From: Don Robbins
I recently received a copy of the following letter from an Aunt and thought I would like to share it with other Gandy Members. This letter was to my G Grandfather I do not have the original, only a copy of the letter and the Envelope. Following is a verbatim copy of the letter. Punctuation and spelling are as close to the original as I can tell. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who could expland on the information provided in the letter. The letter and envelope were hand written.

The Envelope is addressed to M. C. Gandy, Buckhols, Texas, R. D. Route 3, Box 26. Return address is J. L. Gandy, Humboldt, Nebr. It has a 3 cent stamp and the postmark is Lincoln, Neb., TR43, Oct 28, 1918. R.P.O.

The letter is found under Old Letters Humboldt Neb Oct 24 1918
M. C. Gandy Buckhols Tex

If you have any information or answers to this letter please email me at

Wed, 10 Jun 1998 17:14:52 -0500 I come off of a Castoe line out of WV but have not been able to make any connections with any of the other lines there. My ggggrandfather ran away from home at 14 and went to Gallipolis, Gallia Co., Ohio. For the next 13 years we don't know what happened to him other than he was an apprentist to a blacksmith. In searching Gallia Co., I found a 1820 census that listed a Jonathan Gandy. The reason that this is important to me is that the Gandys are related to the Castos in WV. Does this mean anything to anyone? I know its a long shot, but Hey, I'll try anything to find these loose ends. Will share info.
Winnie Bell Bentonville, AR

Seeking ancestors and information on my line of Gandys from South Jersey ( Peter Gandy). Peter Gandy married Margaret Woolford Dec. 16, 1803. I have the ancestors of Margaret Woolford but I am stuck on Peter Gandy.

Dean S. Martin

Wed, 18, June 1998
Bobby McDaniel Email: Need to know if Myrtle GANDY who was born June 20, 1895 and died April 1975 in Gatesville, Coryell County is the daughter of Martin VANBUREN and Sarah FOX MCDANIEL. Would anyone have access to her obituary. If she is, I also need information on her husband. I am researching the ancestors and descendants of David J. MCDANIEL. Martin and Sarah MCDANIEL daughter, Myrtle, married a GANDY. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Email: Bobby McDaniel

Wed, 15 Jul 1998 13:14:51 -0700
Hello, I am looking for information on anyone named Malcolm Gandy who lived at Gandy's Bend, Texas in the late 1800's or so. Maybe middle 1800's. Any information regarding this area and name?
Rita Prettyman

REPLY: I contacted several researchers from this area and Marjorie Freeman replied with the information that she Copied from the Family Group Sheet of Carol Shelton. Marjorie found Carolyn through her query on this page two months ago. Also on this query Marjorie was looking for your branch of the family.

Malcolm's father was Daniel C. Gandy mother's maiden name Mary Turney.
Click on Daniel above to see ancestry line. He is from the Edward Gandy First Generation. Malcolm Gandy b. 22 Dec. 1828 Gandy's Cove Morgan Co. Alabama Married 16 Feb. 1862 Halletsville, Lavaca Co. Tx. Death incomplete says 189? buried Gandy's Bend Lavaca Co. Tx

Mon, 27 Jul 1998
I have a brick wall at the entrance of Temperance Gandy in my genealogy search. She is a GGGgrandmother. I do not know when she was born or died. She married Pharaoh Poppell Senior. He was born in 1784. Possibly in South or North Carolina. Their first son, Jordan Poppell was born in 1811 indicating that they may have been married about 1810. Their last son was born in 1824. His name was Brinkley Gandy indicating that he was named for an uncle or a Grandparent. That is my dilema and if you can help I would certainly appreciate it. I feel that I am finally on the right track with the emergence of a Brinkley Gandy.It remains to fit her in the right family. Perhaps someone will stumble on that one little bit of information I need. Thank you for your interest in genealogy and your help
Ben Poppell

Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998
From: Doug
Hi: I just discovered your 'Gandy" web site.
I am a decendant of B Hampton Gandy of South Carolina 1812 & his wife [depending upon the sourse] Tina A Vienna ........ also 1812 of SC. They moved to AL about 1830 and had a mess of kids. Samuel, Rebecca, Hampton [2], Theodore, Abanda [sp?] and Amanda. Hampton [2] was born about 1839 in AL. His daughter [Ruth?] Laura Katherine Gandy wed Thomas H Hastings in Esc co. FL 29 May 1872. Hampton [2] lived a long life and was known as 'Old Man Hamp' by my grandpa who was born in 1901. I have only proven some of this and would appreciate any help you could provide.

Dear Doug: I took my notebook of letters that I have received from Gandy descendants over the last 3 months, and found your B.H. first in a Butler Co. Alabama Query Page. It said that his name was Brinkley Hampton (which is what I was looking for since this name was in my memory). The query was by Deloris Gandy. I had written her about the Gandy page and she sent me a list of names of descendants from Brinkley, and there is B. Hampton Gandy listed as a son of Meshack Gandy and Axcy Whiddon. Meshack was the son of Brinkley Gandy born in 1744. Brinkley is listed under our First Generation Gandys. The father of Brinkley Gandy was Edward, but there were 3 or 4 Edwards and the descendants are not sure which one was the we did not list Edward as first generation. Melba Gandy also wrote a book on Brinkley Gandy. I have added your information to the Brinkley descendants which I am forwarding to you, and a Later Generation for Brinkley Hampton. Thanks for all of your help. I have also added your email to the descendants of Brinkley and to our Gandy Online-Newsletter. Love Mauri Gandy

Date: August 5, 1998
From: Joe Cook
I am searching for the parents of Viola Gandy. Born about 1860 in Alabama? She married Lee Stinson and they had at least one child: Ethel M. Stinson. If anyone has any information on Viola please email me: Joe

Date: August 9, 1998
From: Richard Gandy
Does anyone have information on William Henry Gandy born 02-29-1896 in Texas. William had 10 children. Please email me Richard

Date: August 11, 1998
From: Darlene Biscamp
I am searching for the parents of Sally Nazry Gandy who married Daniel Herbert Smith Sr. on August 24, 1904 in Jasper Co., Texas. She was born on Jan 29, 1888, and had a twin sister Mattie Racheal Gandy. Mattie married John Quincy Smith on July 13, 1904. Sally died May 18, 1969, and Mattie died July 13, 1983. If anyone has any information on this family I would be so happy to have it. Darlene

Seeking parents of Pedras Perry Gandy ~ June 1, 1999