Favorite Gandy Stories

One day when my grandma was very young, her mother was very sick. She asked my grandma to go to the next door neighbor and ask if she could come and help her that day. The next door neighbor was about 2 miles away or so. When my grandma got to the neighbors house, she refused to come and help my great grandma. My grandmother was very upset and said "Mama, I told her you were so sick and she wouldn't come to help you". About a year later, that same lady that had refused to help my great grandmother called and asked my great grandmother to come and help her because she was in labor and it ends up she delivered twins. My great grandmother did not hesitate to go help her. When my great grandmother came back home, my grandmother asked her why she had gone to help that lady when she had refused to help my great grandmother the year before. My great grandmother answered "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". That event remained very vivid in my grandmothers memory up until the day she died. She said that it was through her mother's selfless sacrifice that she learned the meaning of the Golden Rule. My great grandmother was a Christian, and she tried her best to live according to what the Bible said. She was known in the region to help deliver children. She had delivered many and had acted as a midwife. Like I said, that personal lesson taught my grandmother the meaning of loving your neighbor like you would like to be loved.

Kem Barlow

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