Thomas Gandy

of Cape May & Cumberland Counties, NJ

Thomas GANDY probably came to Cape May County, NJ about 1690 where purchased land there in 1694 from the West Jersey society. His ear mark for cattle was recorded the same year. Thomas died before 31 Aug 1748, in Cumberland County, NJ, when his will was proved. His wife's name is not known but she is named in his will. They had the following children:

  • Aaron GANDY, died before 4 Mar 1773, who married Elizabeth.
  • David GANDY, died 1757, who married Rebecka. Rebecka GANDY was commonly known as "Mrs. GANDY", or just "Mrs.".
  • Patience GANDY, died after 10 Sep 1771, who married Nathan SHAW, born 23 Dec 1710, died Aft. 10 Sep 1771.
  • Catherine GANDY
  • Sarah GANDY
  • Mary Gandy
  • Phoebe GANDY, who married, on 17 Aug 1752 at the Cape May Baptist Church.
    Cape May Court House, Cape May Co., NJ, David CASTO, Sr.
  • Hannah GANDY
  • Priscilla GANDY
  • Rebecca GANDY

    The following named persons purchased of the agents of Dr. Coxe and the West Jersey Society, mostly previous to 1696, some few as early as 1689, the number of acres attached to their respective names, viz: ... Thomas Gandy 50.

    Dates and names of those who had ear marks recorded during the period, whose names are given to show the families then living in the county: ... 1694, Thomas Gandy.

    - From The History of Cape May County, New Jersey, From the Aboriginal Times to the Present Day, by Lewis Townsend Stevens, 1897, reprinted 1997

    Thomas Gandy recorded his mark for cattle in 1694, and was in this area when he witnessed the will of Joseph Badcock, 1st. on August 30, 1709.

    - From A History of Upper Township and Its Villages, Historical Preservation Society of Upper Township, 1989

    Thomas Gandy is shown as one of the thirty-five whaler yeoman families, land title 1694, acreage of farm 50, Precinct location, 1723-Middle, seaside.

    - From Cape May County, New Jersey, The Making of an American Resort Community, by Jeffrey Dorwart, 1944, reprinted 1992.

    May 21, 1748. Will of Thomas Gandy (no place mentioned) but of Cumberland Co. Wife. Son, Aaron, land in line with Isaac Garrison's land, to the mouth of a small creek that puts out of the "great tide pond" on the north side; thence till it intercepts John Ogden's land; then along Daniel Ogden's line, bounding therewith to Isaac Garrison's land. Also 1/2 of undivided marsh below Ware Creek, belonging to Thomas Gandy. Son, David, my other land and marsh. Daughters-Patience (married), Catherine, Sarah (married), Mary, Phebe, Hannah, Priscilla, Rebecca, (last three to be bound out to learn trades) and Naomy. Executors--son-in-law Nathan Shaw, John Ogden. Witnesses--Daniel Ogden, Elizabeth Ogden, Isaac Garrison. Proved 5 September, 1748. Lib. 6, p. 506.

    August 31, 1748. Inventory (180.12.3) includes cattle, horses, swine and books (16.4.5). Appraisers--Henry Pierson, Daniel Ogden.

    - From New Jersey Colonial Documents, Calendar of Wills 1730-1750

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